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Roadwolf is a Canadian male, in his late 20's. Originally from the suburbs of Toronto, he has lived both in the city and in the country, however he prefers the country. He is a down to earth, open minded, and sociable person. However he does exhibit the 'Alpha Wolf' personality from time to time.

Roadwolf has always been a geek. Electronics and radios interest him a lot. To the point where he got a job right out of high school, working as an engineer in a radio broadcasting facility. His other interests include railfanning, and online gaming.

For music production, Roadwolf has mixed and recorded many big label artists in studio. Artists/Groups such as Matchbox 20, Bono (U2), Barenaked Ladies, Tom Cochrane, Styx, Collective Soul, The Counting Crows, Backstreet Boys, Liz Phair, Rush, Avril Lavigne, and Depeche Mode just to name a few. This was mainly related to his radio broadcasting job, however some were on the side.

For emergency response work, Roadwolf acted as a solo responder unaffiliated with any group for a number of years, responding and patrolling the highways during bad weather, to help those less fortunate. Eventually Roadwolf met up with some people who had a similar interest, and they formed a volunteer group together. The group did well for a few years - to the point of the Police services basically relying on us to show up to the more serious scenes - until a rogue member ruined the groups image. Roadwolf is also a registered NYS Fire Police member, and a member of a WNY Volunteer Fire Dept.

His other interests include Urban Exploration (however to a lesser extent these days), Photography, and Backwoods Camping. Roadwolf does not own a TV set at all, however his entertainment extends from the internet and online computer games.

Roadwolf is in a semi-open, but very much loving, marriage with his wife. They are in a happy stable relationship with no plans at this time for children. Our relationship is polyamorous, however it has its limits and rules.

Roadwolf's future plans involve either working for the railroad in some communications or electronics related field, or working in fire safety. Eventually Roadwolf wishes to re-locate to Northern Canada and become generally self sufficient.

Roadwolf currently works in the Rail Transportation industry, doing Electronics based work.

You can follow Roadwolf's life story here on this blog.



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