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Membership Info is my own personal website for a variety of topics which interest me. It also serves as a private journal or diary to record my thoughts and life. Some posts I will not make public, due to either them becoming outdated, or being of too personal a nature to post. (i.e. love life issues, etc..). However, you may register for a new account here: If I believe that you are a legit person who wants to get to know me, I will approve it.

Please note: Due to spam and bot attempts to register, any new account is initially blocked. I will check the accounts every few days to see if there are any new accounts to approve. Please use a normal looking user name, and email address if you wish to get approved. Email addresses with or random numbers and letters, likely will never get approved. If you are in a rush, try emailing me, and I should see that and expedite the approval.

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