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House Plans

The above is a quick sketch of the plans I am finalizing for the 2nd floor of my house. The 2nd floor features a small 1 bedroom apartment, which currently has an oddly shaped kitchen, and non-ideal bathroom setup. The plan above shows a slightly revised layout, which will eat into some of the bedrooms space, but provide a more comfortable kitchen and bathroom.

I have also included my plans for a bathroom with a corner hot tub, on my side of the 2nd floor. I realize the extended cost of building not one, but 2 bathrooms, would be quite a bit extra, however I do feel that this is probably the best option. My other idea involved combining the bathrooms, with small toilet and sink areas on either side, which would be private, and a communal shower / hot tub. I understand that this would be a bit of a taboo setup, but then again, I am not exactly afraid of being taboo.

The apartment kitchen would be a little more efficient, laid out in the manner above, as opposed to the current layout. The counter could also jut out a little bit, providing a small breakfast nook.

Now the sketch above isn't by any means to scale. I know my side of the floor for example has smaller rooms than the apartment. however I believe this could easily be accomplished. The key would be to keep the toilets and most plumbing as close to the dividing wall as possible, as that is where the existing plumbing currently resides.

Now I know this is an ambitious plan, and considering my electrical rebuild plans are progressing slowly, this may end up only being a pipe dream. But hopefully, due to other factors, I will have more help and reason to progress forward on this plan in the near future. I very much do want a whirlpool tub. :)

I also think that this will help raise the property value a little for when / if we ever resell this place.


I was up there sitting in the room which would of been the Sub Bedroom in the plan above, when this idea struck me...

The only concern I had is how hard it would be to run plumbing, but otherwise, I do like this layout better.

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