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BitMessage Installed!

So after hearing about this new service on No Agenda I decided to try it out.  BitMessage is a secure p2p messaging service which allows its users to engage in secure encrypted one to one conversations, or if they choose to, broadcast their messages in a twitter kind of style to their subscribers.

Everyone needs to make a unique address, which is a string of random letters and numbers.  This can be generated within the program itself.  You can make as many of these addresses as you like.

Messages take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to reach their destination sometimes, but it is secure and no one can read your messages.  If a message goes undelivered, all its fragments are deleted after 2 days.  I assume that all the broadcast fragments are also deleted if a message gets delivered.

You can download and read about it here:

My address is:  BM-2D7Lzf9bbdNteueR1iAM1yMrobJzHos6AQ

Be sure to tell me who you are so I can add you to my address book.

Anyhow,  Get on there,  send me a message!  I would love to hear from ya all!

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