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Bethlehem Steel

June 1st, 2006 - Bethlehem Steel

by Nightbird

Those in attendance of the Explore a Buffalo meet investigated the massive complex know as Bethlehem steel. Those that didn't come are losers and a big pile of monkey suck. But I digress.

Upon approaching the exterior gate, it was pondered if we should part there and walk in, or just drive. The group decided to drive in, and wisely so. From the exterior gate to the middle of the plant is approximately 2 miles. Once inside the perimeter and parked, we set off on our explorations, sometimes grouping and sometimes wandering off to see the sights solo.

Bethlehem Steel is a massive complex, after many hours there, we still didn't completely see everything. One could go just to examine and trace the paths of the pipes, and spend half the day there. Some of the more interesting things we encountered:

The massive butter-yellow loading crane, easily over three stories high, yielding a great view from the top. Several shots where taken by the people who dared to climb it, as well as people at a distance to show the perspective.

In the water filtration plant, we encounterded pools of eerily lit water. A bit freaky, but natural as the light was coming from the outside.

It was fun, and a bit nerve-racking, to cross near a practical city of seagulls mating. The babies were cute, but the hundreds of angry parents were not.

Navigating carcinogenic puddles is always fun.

If you had the stamina and fearlessness of heights, you can climb the VERY tall coal silos and get one of the best views around for miles. My fear of heights prevented me from seeing such a view, but I am determined to conquer it next time.

For the train lover, there is a single engine found in a specially heated shed.

If you are a lover of quality photography, there is something interesting to be found in every building and corner.

After touring the complex and re-grouping at the cars, it was the consensus that not having to walk back to the gate was an excellent decision.

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