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A Soldiers Tale Notes

Main Character:

Basic Story Line:
Character gets out of school, and joins the corps. Peace is promised by the global government.

Journal style book.

the story of political reform thru the eyes of a soldier.

new government established an online forum where each citizen could bring up issues.

each town anywhere in the world which was controled by the government was granted at least one public computer which could access this forum

The Government created a new 2 teired currency, one type would be used for basic needs - sustinance, healthcare, basic education, and housing. Another type would be used for luxuries.

Of course the currency used for luxuries can also be used for basic neess, but no tthe other ay around. Why? well this is because the government began a program to help low and medium income families - by paying for their basic needs.

The basic needs currency is simply printed money, there is no backing to it. no wealth associated with it. But it allows the government to fairly compensate everyone with the means of a basic living paycheque.

all areas had local governments which were charged with taking care of local issues, sometimes with the assistance of the federal government.

all civilian federal taxes were cut and eliminated. the federal government sustained itself from its various industries which it oversaw, such as the wartime production industries. otherwise it had very low overhead. it paid for alot of things with its own printed money. To avoid inflation, maximum prices were set on just about every commodity. And higher minimum wages were also put into place.

Also, companies were taxed for out of region buisness. All companies were encouraged to only deal locally. This includes franchises and other such companies. By the nature of the buisness, media companies, like motion picture developers, musicians, and software developers were excluded from such taxes, noting that these intellectual properties are a global copyright.

soldiers, and police made a lot of money. The promise of 4 years of active duty for soldiers followed by a very comfy comission afterwards, made joining the army very attractive. Of course the government wanted to get rid of the army, but they could only do that after they had completed their task.

Soldiers were never away from their family for too long. A maximum 'on tour' time was 3 months, followed by a 1 month break at home.

Government had been researching alternative fuels and had already developed a suitable substitute for gasoline and jet fuel, based on corn, and grass products. huge subsities were in place for farmers to produce the crops required to refine such fuels. Also, Fusion power had been developed, which quickly became the method of choice for power plants, and navy vessles alike.

previously contraversial topics like cloning and genetic experiments have revealed many cures and solutions to medical issues. previously untreatable deseases were beginning to be treated fairly easily.

Religion was removed from government. At this point the governments only priority is the health of its people.

'interstate' style highways were being built everywhere. and rail lines were becoming more popular.

Quality of life was great, but this wasnt so in other parts of the world. The united states quickly joined forces with Canada, and proceeded to push the UN to allow them to take over control of every country. The UN of course refused, however some unlikely candadates choose to submitt to this request - sighting that the quality of life for their people was a better option then what was currently happening. Among these were Great Britian, India, South Koreia, Japan, and some smaller countries in the asian and european theatre. The joining of all of these states into a large empire seemed to unify the countries into a supreme being.

Other countries which were opposed to this, protested, however many of them were already at war with their neighbours, as economic tensions were high...

France was the first. It began to invade Spain and Italy. This prompted other western european countries to join in and fight france. But before you knew it, everyone seemed to be fighting everyone else. China and Russia were close to follow, in a bitter battle, which encompased and encroached on every one of their neighbours. In the Mid East, a feierce battle for the oil fields had been ongoing for a few years already, Isreal was doing fairly well, but it was the reformed IRaq who dominated. Egypt was also a big player and began expanding into Africa as well as into Saudi Arabia - who was fairly friendly with the United States. Ontop of this the US was facing a threat from the south, Mexico and several south american countries were apparently giving aid to several of the US's enemys. The cost of a major wartime operation was going to be significant, but the rest of the world was in shambles. Many governments did not want the US intruding on them, and the ignorance and greed of such countries sickened the leaders of the US. It was not long before the US issued a stern warning to all countries, that they step up their care for their general population, or else the US will do it for them. At this point the United Nations had officially been disolved. the fighting in europe asia and africa had already started a world war.

This war was different then previous wars. this was war mainly due to economic pressures. Race, Religion... wasn't an issue. While there were still extreme 'terrorist' groups around the world. from every conceavable religion, including christians, this war had nothing to do with them. Sure they fueled the fire, but the war was mainly over economic land and prospects. Oil wells, farm land, and industrial sectors.

Since the government changed its stance on religion, it had not been the target of attacks anymore. instead only religious centers were targets, as religions targeted eachother. Of course the government was spending a lot of money in order to protect against terrorism within its own borders. But not to the extent of removing freedoms from its people. This was a hard ballance.

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