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Arma 3 Operations

Arma 3 serves as our most popular game at the moment. Focusing on co-op capture the island (CTI) style missions, we focus on working as a team to have fun, and accomplish goals together. We focus on being a mature, casual, but professional group. Immaturity will swiftly get people removed from the server. However, if you help out, assist in helping others out, and in general act as a good team player, you will likely be rewarded with extra abilities, permissions, and possibly rank within our unit.

Liberation Gameplay Operations

Liberation is a co-op gamestyle. The version we play on our servers has been modified to suit our needs.


The goal of the Mission is to capture all the large cities on the map. Once all of them are captured, the mission ends. Capturing the smaller cities, fuel depots, radio towers and bases help lessen the ability of the enemy to counter our efforts, and also supply us with more resources.


A new recruit on the server begins as a foot soldier, whom is capable of driving light vehicles. There is no Halo jumping, so players must rely on vehicles to move around, or do a lot of running. As the recruit proves himself, they will be rewarded with the ability to use heavy vehicles, and eventually with the ability to construct vehicles. Pilots are only allowed after completing a training mission in the zeus environment.

Roles can be dynamic based upon the needs. Generally, you can self assign what you wish to do. However there are situations where you may be asked to preform specific roles to help the whole team. We expect players to be aware of the 'current events' on the server, and adapt to the needs of their team mates. That being said, some of the more common roles are as follows: Infantry, Combat Medic, Combat Engineer, Scout/Sniper/Recon, Heavy Engineering and Support (Bobcat with a Mortar usually), Armored Support, Attack Helicopter support (CAS Heli), Air Support (Anti-Armor/Anti-Air/CAS), Logistics (Helicopter and Ground), and Arty Support.

Task Priority

If you are alone, it is suggested that you take on smaller objectives. Radio Towers are typically only populated by a squad or two worth of guard units. They are often on a hilltop, and thus can fairly easily be sniped from a distance due to their exposed position. You will have to enter the zone once you have cleared it, in order to capture it, however.

Another important task is the collection of Ammo crates and resources. Many vehicles require Ammo, and it is an expendable resource on Altis (On Tanoa it is set by default to accumulate over time). If you are alone, feel free to grab a HEMTT Transport truck and drive out to friendly bases on the map which show Ammo Crates have gathered. Simply load them into the back of the truck, and return to the FOB to unload and recycle them. The open top trucks hold a total of 6 crates, other trucks hold 3. Similarly, it is also helpful to recover, repair and salvage any disabled or abandoned vehicles around the map. Enemy or Friendly alive, they will serve us better parked within 100m of an FOB, than somewhere out in the map where they will get lost when the server resets every morning.

With a group of people who will be preforming ground operations, it is advised to form up into a Squad in game. our targets should be small towns, or fuel depots. Bases will require some armored support. Small towns will also likely require some sort of support, but are typically able to be cleared on foot alone. It is highly recommended to always bring a mobile respawn truck along with you.

With a Commander online, it is possible to assault larger cities. Such an effort often requires support units in place, and a combined effort with AI units, Arty, CAS and ground units.

Always expect a counter attack. Protect the FOB and major cities and bases as a top priority. Smaller towns, radio towers or fuel depots are lower priority, for defense of counter attacks. Also note, that a secured friendly location, will spawn defensive forces to defend itself against an attack, however they may easily be overwhelmed. So remember that when responding to such an event, friendly forces may already be on site, for PID your targets.

Communications and Command Tree

It is suggested that all ground forces operating within a AO (Area of Operations) be in the same Squad. Players who are skilled at, and prefer to operate Squads of AI units, may choose to avoid joining a Squad of players. It is SOP for squads to use in game voice chat, on the Group voice channel.

Squad Leaders may connect to the Discord voice channel, in order to help with co-ordination. JTAC, and Command elements will also be present in that channel, and it will be used for co-ordination, intel/situational awareness, and support requests. All Squad Leaders, Pilots, Commanders and specialized support units should be in the Discord channel.

Command elements may be grouped together in game within their own squad, and utilize in game Group chat for communication within the command chain.

Flying / Piloting / Access to Build or Armored vehicles:

Access to Pilot Air Vehicles (Specifically Jets) is granted only to those whom become 'certified' in our pilot training program. We need to ensure you can successfully pilot a Wipeout, and Land without autopilot. You will also need to successfully destroy 1 APC with the main cannon, 1 APC with AG, and 1 APC with Rockets. You will also need to successfully take out an Armored AA vehicle, and destroy an enemy fighter plane.

Piloting Helicopters requires the same certifications at the time being.

Access to operate Armored Vehicles may be granted after it is noticed that you are participating in the mission, and seem to have an understanding of the game mode and how to play.

Access to the Build menu and Recycling menu is granted to regulars that we trust. If the Build menu is abused, and expensive items are built when they are not needed, then this access may be revoked. Ideally we like to stay above a pool of 1000 Ammo. And typically don't like going below 500 Ammo. Keep this in mind when making purchases.


Arma 3 Liberation:
Arma 3 Training Server: (password: frosty)

Services & Events:

Training. We offer guided training in a zeus environment.

Liberation Massive Co-op Team Play: Thursday evenings, Saturday Evenings, and Sunday Evenings.

Friday Night Wasteland Missions.


Attendance is never required for events within this community. If you show up, great, otherwise, we will adapt. Real life is always more important and takes priority over in game activities.


We figured a command structure would help assist planning and co-ordination during gameplay.

Captain Roadwolf Scajaquada (Command, Logistics and Support)
Lieutenant JDAM (Executive Commander: Training)
Lieutenant Frostymcburn (Air Command)
Sergeant Phirunax (Warchained Platoon Leader)
Sergeant Syke (Platoon Leader)
Sergeant Shadblade5
Sergeant RedNeckTypeGamer
Sergeant ResonantSword84

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