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So I am working on fixing up the Jeep, as it is now a response vehicle.  I currently have 2 LX4 LED modules bolted onto the front grill which flash blue/blue.  I also have my LED Arrowstick in the back window, and some Whelen Vertex HAW LED lights in the rear tail lights.  To control these lights I have hardwired some switches in the dash. Items I still have to install, but haven't had the time to install yet, are my PA300 Siren (for the E-Airhorn), a 400 Watt Inverter, a UHF MaxTrac, and a built in power supply for my laptop.  I also have some LED Strip Lights, for the interior which I need to install with hot glue.  I also have 2 spotlights, which I hope to use as Ditch Lights, which need to be mounted in the rear passenger window frames somehow.  Fuse system installed. Items I still need:
  • LIN6 or TIR3 LED Lights (Blue/Blue)for the front fender corners.  $50
  • LIN6 or similar linear LED light (Red/Amber, or Blue/Amber) for the rear - To be mounted around the license plate, on the roof rack, or inside the window.  $80
  • Or Ideally a full Blue LED Lightbar.  $1000
  • A Speaker horn for the siren.
  • A floor switch for the E-Horn.
  • A Laptop Mount.  Ideally this one:
  • An HF Antenna Solution.
  • A few terminal strips, and 16 and 18 gauge wire.
So really, barring a LED Lightbar (which is completely optional - and will likely wait until I have a job), there isn't much more that I have to spend on.  Just a lot of work to do before winter. I would also like to get Dueler A/T D693 tires for the Jeep before winter, and get the bearing fixed.

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