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"Whacking" (verb) or "Whackers" (noun) is a slang term used mainly in the HAM Radio community. Whackers are typically people who like to deck their cars out with emergency equipment, in order to satisfy a carnal need to feel powerful. In most cases, Whackers are people who actually have no power at all, and are not actually affiliated with any official group. Many people I know are whackers, and indeed I myself was one at one point. We all (or most of us at least) grow up eventually and either become official, or move on. In my case,while I agree that originally in my early years, I did it for the feeling of power, there was also a huge incentive to help people. The good feeling I got for making someone bad day, a little more bearable, was something that kept me going in rough times. And I am sure many whackers feel the same way (some of the ones i know however - cough - RESPOND - cough - do not seem to follow that same methodology). As I grew older I became more interested in just being there to help. And the more dangerous situations I made safer,and the more lives I possibly saved, in addition to the adrenaline rush that comes with the line of work made it almost addictive. These days, I am much more laid back. I generally won't rush to a call unless I was specifically dispatched, or I basically saw it happen ahead of me. That being said, I still enjoy going out at night on a weekend, and monitoring every emergency channel under the sun, in the area - while either driving around 'patrolling' or 'staging' at a strategic 'safe' spot. Technically this would be called 'Whacking'. But to me, it is entertaining. I get to hang out with a friend, have an excuse to just drive around and get out of the house, and listen to all the entertaining shit that happens on the radios. If we happen to come across something, we will take whatever action we deem to be safest in that situation. If we hear something nearby that sounds interesting, we will 'take a ride' over to check it out. All the while keeping our eyes opened for people matching descriptions of possible suspects or whatever. Due to the fact that I am now a Volly firefighter in Training, my friend "Frank" is a Military Police Officer, and my friend Mike is a Volunteer Paramedic, and Peace Officer; we are technically I suppose no longer whackers. But the activity still entertains us. I would much rather drive around looking for stuff to happen, then sit in a bar and drink beer. Call me strange, believe me I am used to it :) But that is what I enjoy.

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