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Rolling Stock Roster (Wish List)

The following is a list of locomotives and rolling stock which I am looking for for my N Scale layout.  Model Railroading is a tough hobby to collect prototypical items for, as very often your local store will not have any of a specific item you are looking for in stock.  Production runs of specifically themed locomotives and freight cars are also often very small, and will sell out quickly.

Because of this, I ask that friends and family keep their eyes opened for me, in order to help me collect my rolling stock.

The following is a list of rolling stock I currently own.


  1. Atlas EMD SD35 (CSX #4586)

  2. Atlas EMD GP38-2 (Buffalo & Pittsburgh #2000)

  3. Atlas (china) Alco C-420 (Buffalo Southern #2010) - Reserved

Rolling Stock:

  1. CN 143866 Gondola - {Modern 50ft}

  2. CN 291147 Insulated Box Car (Atlas) - {Modern 40ft}

  3. BCOL 8004 Insulated Box Car (Atlas) - British Columbia Railways {Semi-Modern 40ft}

  4. ARMN 2511Reffer Box Car - {Semi Modern 55ft}

  5. WM 36003 Box Car (Bachmann) - {Semi Modern 50ft}

  6. WC 1994 Box Car (Bachmann) - {Semi Modern 50ft}

  7. NADX 2615 Box Car (Bachmann) - {Semi Modern 50ft}

  8. CSXT 134261 Box Car (Atlas) - {Modern 50ft}

  9. BPRR 25027 Covered Hopper (Atlas) - {Modern 35ft}

  10. ACFX 69918 Covered Hopper (Atlas) - {Modern 60ft} Plastics

  11. UTLX 950306 LPG Tank Car (Atheann) - {Modern 60ft}

Locomotives Desired:

  • Atlas (china) EMD MP15DC (CSX)

  • Intermountain EMD SD40-2W (CN)

  • Kato EMD SD45 (Buffalo & Pittsburgh) {2 Units Desired}

  • Atlas/Kato EMD GP38-2 (Buffalo & Pittsburgh)

  • Life-Like (china) GP9 [LOW HOOD] (CN, Buffalo & Pittsburgh, G&W)

  • Atlas (china) GP15-1 (CSX) {Road Number 1560 if possible}

  • Kato EMD SD40-2 (Buffalo & Pittsburgh, G&W) {2 Units Desired}

  • Kato GE ES44AC (CSX, NS)

  • Kato GE AC4400CW (CSX, NS, CP)

  • Kato SD70MAC (NS)

  • Kato SD9043MAC (Buffalo and Pittsburgh (BPRR), EMLX (Union Pacific))

  • Atlas (china) RS-11 (Buffalo Southern, Undecorated, Any Paint Scheme) {2 units desired}

  • True Line Trains (canada) RS-18 [LOW HOOD if possible] (Buffalo Southern, Undecorated, Any Paint Scheme)

  • Life Like (china) Alco C-424 ((Buffalo Southern), Undecorated, CN, Any Paint Scheme)

  • Arnold-Rivarossi (germany) Alco S-1 (Any Paint Scheme) *** Hard to Find {2 units desired}

  • Alco S-2 (any paint scheme)

  • Bachmann (china) GE 44 Tonner (Any Paint Scheme)

  • Atlas-Micro Ace 2-6-0 Mogul (NYLE or BSOR if possible)

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