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My model railroad project has been on hold for over a year now.  While this was one of the major factors in purchasing my home, it seems to have taken a back seat to bills and the realities of life.  This winter however, I do hope to begin building the framework for the model railroad room.  A 30 foot wall must be constructed, and the rest of the room needs to be drywalled and finished before construction on the model railway may commence.  Dry wall is actually kinda expensive, and I likely will not be able to get anywhere close to finishing the room before this time next year.  But I can rough in wiring and digitally work on my layout plan in Trainz.
Possible Freelance Paint Scheme

The idea was to originally model the Ontario Northland.  This is why I set up in order to follow the progress of the model railroad build.  But with the Ontario Government being so fucked up lately, and wanting to divest the Ontario Northland, and the drama surrounding that, I decided that maybe it might be better to freelance a similar railroad.

I have been loosely working on a story for the new freelance railroad, and it is based on my wolf character and a connection between him and the railroad.  But that is another story, literally.

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