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Lighting Upgrade for the CVPI

Keeping with the scheme of maintaining a low profile look with my vehicle, I have been working on an idea to allow more versatility in the warning light department, while maintaining legality. I of course do lighting and radio installs, and buy/sell emergency lighting.  I also am also selling new lights.  I am hoping to design my own lights soon! With the addition of the Smart Siren, the warning system can afford to be a little more complex.  The key elements, of basic front lighting, side lighting and rear lighting will remain.  That being said there will likely be some changes. Front lighting:
  • The original Amber grill lights will remain on front flash circuit.
  • The alternating headlights will remain.  They will be on a slide switch circuit - and usually disabled.
  • The strobes will remain, and will be activated with the slide switch.
  • The option for a dash light will remain.  On its own circuit.
  • Optional visor height interior light bar may be installed.
Rear lighting:
  • Avenger Amber deck light to remain.  On rear flash circuit.
  • Traffic Advisor to be installed along top of rear window.  Will go into warn on rear flash - but be overridden for directional.
  • Backflash will remain in place, activated by the slide switch.
  • Dual deck lights on either side of the Avenger may be added on slide switch position 3 with amber/red warning.
Slide Switch 1:  Front Strobe (Relay 1) Slide Switch 2: Front Strobe (Relay 1), Grill Light (A), Rear Deck Light (D) Slide Switch 3: Front Strobe (Relay 1), Back Flash (Relay 2), Grill Light (A), Dash Light (B), Side Strobe (C), Rear Deck Light (D), and Rear Strobe (E) Button Setup:
  1. Front Flash
  2. Dash Light
  3. Side Strobe
  4. Rear Deck
  5. Rear Strobe
Button Setup Row 2:
  1. Reset
  2. LMS
  3. Radio
  4. N/A
  5. N/A
  6. N/A
  7. N/A
  8. AirHorn
Top Row Setup (Traffic Advisor):
  1. RLCO
  2. Warn
  3. Fast/Slow
  4. Low Power
The video below shows the current setup, with the use of an Amber mini bar in place of the dash light.  It also doesn't show the traffic director, which isn't installed yet. While I do have emergency travel authorization for work, this vehicle is not really set up for my work.  I like to be able to know that I have lights to use if there was ever an emergency or if I came across something where I felt the need to stop and assist. But my main reason these days, is to sell and demonstrate my lights and install quality.  

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