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How To: Vehicle Lettering

I was interested in lettering my Jeep.  I asked a friend about how to do it professionally and this is what he told me.

  1. get a misting bottle and mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap per liter of water in it.

  2. clean the side of the vehicle where you wish to apply the lettering, with 100% alcohol.

  3. measure and determine the position of your lettering or stripe.  Ensure that you can duplicate the same measurements on the other side.

  4. Mask along the top of the stripe or location where the lettering will be placed, with masking tape, ensuring that you have a level horizontal straight edge with the lower edge of the masking tape.

  5. From the bottom, butt the reflective tape or lettering up to the lower edge of the masking tape. Ensure that you keep the backing on so it does not stick.

  6. Use masking tape along the top of the reflective tape or lettering, to connect it to the masking tape on the vehicle.  This will create a hinge.

  7. Flip the stripe or lettering upwards to expose the back, and lightly mist the vehicle (paint) with yoru water / soap mixture.

  8. Remove the protective backing from the reflective vinyl and lightly spray the sticky side of the vinyl as well.

  9. Flip the vinyl down, and use a squegee to smooth the vinyl out against the vehicle and ensure there are no air pockets.

  10. Allow it to dry, and then carefully remove the masking tape.

  11. Any water left behind the tape should evaporate, and the tape should stick well.

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