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House Plan


I have been pondering about antenna placement for my hamshack.  I am thinking that I will put a G5RV antenna in the attic tuned to 20 meters, with a manual tuner down in the hamshack (1).  This will kind of protect that end of things from lightning.  As for the VHF/UHF side of things, likely going to be putting up a small roof mounted mast (3).  I have a TriBand Base Antenna for 6m, 2m, and 70cm which will be connected to my FT-857D.  I also plan on having a Motorola Rail Spectra on VHF, and another Motorola radio on UHF.  Each of those will have their own antenna.  I will also have a 800MHz radio and I already have a small 800MHz antenna for that.

In the carriage house I also plan on having a VHF Radio with its own antenna.  This will be mainly for monitoring train movements.

Computer wise I plan on upgrading my gaming computer (2), and installing a second computer for ham use (4).  Both of which will not be servers, so they may be shut down at any time when not in use to save electricity.  The house system will likely include a professional audio mixer / matrix which will allow me to use the same microphone and speakers / headphones for all applications (4).

Since I tend to flip flop between interests every month or so, Having a gaming center, a ham shack, a model train layout, and a garage will help ensure that i always have a dedicated place for me to enjoy my free time.


I am thinking the server room will be in the basement.  It will house the main internet routers and my file server (1).  It will also house any external servers, like my Minecraft server.  There will also be a NVR (DVR) which will record and store the video feeds from my security camera system (2).  I hope to build a small cage area which will enclose the servers so they can be locked up.

These servers will likely be running 24/7 and backed up by a UPS (2).

The Train Layout

There is a 32x19 foot room which will serve the primary purpose of being the train room.  The layout will be built into the room.  And the room will be decorated around the layout.  There is a small separate workshop room within this room.  Unsure if I will be keeping that, or opening it up at this time.  This will be a project I work on as time and money permits.  I do however want to get a small section of track laid ASAP to store my growing collection of N Scale models on.

The Hot Tub

I really enjoy my baths.  I find its a great way to relax and sweat off some fat at the same time.  It also helps sooth my muscles.  I plan on installing a small 2 person Jacuzzi or small hot tub, which I know I will be using at least daily.  The most ideal spot for this will be in the basement.  I will likely have to do some prep work first however, and create a small room which will contain the added moisture.  Then put up some vapor barrier, and add a vent to the outside. (3)

The Conduit

  • buried fiber conduit - 6 strand

  • buried water line - plastic

  • buried power line (to pole)

  • buried RG8 RF Cable (to pole)

The Cameras

  1. Front Door 1 (facing front door)

  2. Front Door 2 (facing street / views whole porch stairway) *

  3. Apartment Stairway Camera (facing stairway from top) *

  4. Side Door Camera (from rear of porch, looking towards door/front of house) *

  5. Driveway Camera 1 (50mm or so lens looking toward street / driveway)

  6. Driveway Camera 2 (looking towards rear of driveway / garage)

  7. Rear Entrance (inside rear entrance hallway, looking towards door)

  8. Basement 1 (looking towards front of house, from near the rear stairs)

  9. Basement 2 (looking towards the computer closet from D side of house)

  10. Sunroom (looking towards both the outside door, and the rear door from corner) *

  11. Front of Garage (looking down driveway / back of the house)

  12. Garage Entrance (inside the mandoor)

  13. Train Room Door (looking at the train room door)

  14. Inside Garage (looking across the garage bays from mandoor)

  15. Rear Garden Gate (looking at rear gate from side of garage)

  16. Spare?


  1. Stove

  2. Rangehood / Microwave

  3. Small Refridgerator

  4. Light for Closet

  5. 2 x Internet Connections

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