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Just finished reprogramming my FT-857D which is in my Jeep.   Of course I don't have the computer program for it, nor do I have a DTMF keypad.  But I still find the FT-857 to be very user friendly and the operation of the radio is fairly straight forward.  I wouldn't suggest trying to program it while driving - but if you are a responsible driver, you shouldn't be programming any radio (or sending text messages over a radio) while driving. I also included a few new Tactical channels. Tactical channels are frequencies I would use with my friends, which are coded in such a way so that other HAM radio operators can't interrupt us.  We used to use P-25 digital.  But I sold my ASTRO Spectra, so I can't do P-25 anymore. Strangely enough, I have been sitting beside a popular park in Buffalo all night sitting in my car, and for a while I had my back hatch opened with my giant oldschool Army Jeep HF Antenna sticking out of it - while I tried to do some DXing on 20 meters.  All the while I only saw one other person in the park, and no one paid any attention to me.  A cop even drove by and didn't stop to ask WTF I was doing...  :) I would really like to make friends with a local HAM - or someone interested in learning about Radios and stuff, so we could do some 'Whacking' (see post below) or HamSexiness together. All in all, I am enjoying the cooler days and nights.  I love this time of year, and wish I could go camping before the snow comes. I also, am still looking for a job in the Buffalo, NY area.  I have been looking for almost a year now, and only a few nibbles.  I really hate this...  Please, if you know someone who may have a job that you think I might be qualified for, let me know!  I am obviously good with radios, emergency response work, technical stuff, computers, safety, electrical systems troubleshooting, automotive work, automotive graphics and general maintnance. On another note, I am getting the hang of the Volunteer Fire gig.  While I still must work on my endurance and strength a bit (and try to get to the gym twice a week), I am doing better then I thought I would.  I was also assigned as driver last drill.  Which ment that I had to drive one of the fire trucks!!!   That was highly unexpected...  But very cool.   I think I did well - in the end, it is just like driving a car - except it is heavier, and you have to take turns wider.  Because I am a safe driver to begin with, I had no issues with it at all. Incidentally, I think that driving the mobile satellite truck at the radio station, was actually more difficult then driving the fire truck.

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