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This past weekend while I was up in Toronto, my friend Mike decided to take me out Foaming.  Foaming is geek speak for Train Watching.  I often engage in this hobby as I obviously enjoy trains.  We started out at an old stomping ground of mine, in Vandorf, Ontario.  My uncle lives just down the road from this crossing.  My friends and I often hung out at this crossing. Some of my more memorable calls were recieved while I was sitting here watching trains.  One was a fatal on Aurora Road, at McCowen - upon which I was first on scene.  Another was a car fire at Bloomington and the 404 upon which Tavis and myself were first on scene and got the fire out with a foam fire extinguisher. Another incident involved a derailment.  Tavis and I were sitting watching a train go by, when the hotbox detector (located on the other side of the road) detected a hot shoe or bearing on one of the cars in the train.  The train slammed on the emergency breaks, and 28 cars derailed just a mile up the line at Aurora Road. Vandorf Crossing is located at Mile 31 on the CN Bala Sub. We ended up then heading down to the Beare Road Junction.  From there we watched both the CN and CP mainlines for a bit, while I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. All in all a fun weekend.  Hopfully I can do some Foaming down here in WNY sometime.  But I generally like to do that sort of stuff with friends.  If anyone in WNY likes Foaming, let me know. Update: After looking at the above photo, I realised I could likely closely reproduce it in Trainz.  Here is the outcome:

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