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So I was recently ripped off by this guy, but luckily I should be getting my money back.  Jamie Derick Perry is an internet scam artist, who specializes in milking money from model train enthusiasts via his website, facebook, ebay and model train forums.  He claims to be a professional model rail artist, however his abilities may be in question.  Regardless we have found many accounts of him ripping off people from their money, and never delivering any product.  He simply shuts down his webpages, changes his email addresses or blocks people who have paid him money, and moves onto the next victims.

Some unhappy customers can be found here:
Unfortunately this guy is making the rounds with modelers. I purchased a custom painted and weathered loco from him back in early August for $250, via Paypal.

After nicely enquiring about the loco through September and October I was fed the usual line of “these things take time”, “I am working on it”, “it will go out soon” that sort of thing and then boom … no further responses to my enquiries – no loco, no refund, no communication, no nothing. I note that I am not the only one to have fallen victim to this tactic. Of course, I unfortunately got stalled out past the 60 days to file a Paypal dispute – my own stupidity…

Another unhappy customer:
I have also been taken by this person, as have three other friends of mine who happened to see this persons FaceBook page, advertising his models/products/services. He was listed under the name of: J Derick Perry, J Derrick Perry, J Perry, and now Jamie Perry. I was taken for $280.00, while one friend of mine was taken for over $400, without EVER seeing merchandise delivered.

And another one:
Just want to give everyone a heads up that I got taken for $400.00 By J. Derrick Perry of DP Rail models in NC.  Some of you may know him from facebook, or his own website.

So far we haven’t been able to get much out of him about his wonderful scheme.  But I imagine he brags somewhere about all the money his is ripping off from people.

DP Rail Models
1120 Austin Grove Dr
Raleigh NC 27610

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