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Computer Rebuild Project

This is a running update on the current computer rebuild project, as well as a list of items still needed.  2 Computers are included in this project.  My current 'Main Computer' (Dual Pentium III 800MHz) is to be replaced by a completely new system.  My laptop is to be upgraded and integrated into the Jeep as a mobile workstation.

Main Computer Rebuild:

  • Intel DP455G Motherboard will become the core of the system.  It is being sold in a bundle with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66 GHz processor.  This is a fairly good processor and will likely be able to handle the workload I usually put my 'Main Computer' through.  That being said, there are cheaper  Core 2 Quad processors out there, which will handle the job as well.  I only choose that one because of it being included in the bundle.  It may be cheaper however to avoid the bundle.

  • DDR3 1333MHz memory (at least 1 gig per stick) is likely what I will be aiming for RAM wise.  The memory I included in that link is included in the bundle mentioned above.

  • Hard Drives are Essential!  I will likely be purchasing 2 of these drives for the new computer.  The idea behind 2 is for data recovery.  I will use one as a archive / backup of the other one.  This way if one fails there are backups.  Not to mention the fact that the Data and Photo hard drive from my Old 'Main Computer' will also be transfered to the new 'Main Computer'

  • I will likely be installing 2 DVD/CD Burners.  This will help when archiving files.  I do like to store files on DVD's for long term archiving.

  • A Media Center will also be essential for file sharing and uploading images from my camera.

  • A CPU Fan and a Case Fan are also on the list.  I prefer the LED fans because I have a nice big case which I would like to illuminate as much as I can.

  • A Graphics Card.  This particular one will help me keep up with the times.  It seems it was just last year when the 8600 was the hottest thing around.  Now its the 9600.

  • A Power Supply will complete the job.  This power supply I have researched and I believe it will be the best for my needs.

This computer will likely become my new Main Gaming computer as well as my work computer.  I will still keep the AMD as up to date as possible so it can continue to operate as a gaming computer, but it will standby as a communication / messaging computer when I am focusing on the Main Computer.  Another thing is that the AMD machine while it is my best computer, can't play DVD movies very nicely.  And my current Main Computer is shit when it comes to video playback, even YouTube lags terribly.  So this new Main Computer will become a main media center for not only my internet work, but also gaming and entertainment.

The Laptop:

This is an old Cicero laptop I purchased from Future Shop in Canada back in about 2002.  It was a good computer, and infact still is a decent computer.  With a Pentium 4 2.6GHz processor is was a fast machine for its time.  Sadly however the DVD drive is starting to have issues.  The Hard drive is only 30 gigs, and the ram is half corrupted.  Not to mention the cooling fan's bearings are gone, so it is noisy as hell, and the batteries are as good as dead.

But that will not stop this laptop from living its 2nd life as a in-car mobile data terminal.  When I begin volunteering again, this laptop will serve as my in-car entertainment and record keeping center.  It will stay in the vehicle all the time, and be connected to the world via wireless internet.

  • A new Hard Drive will allow me to hold movies and music and games for entertainment during those long nights on the road, waiting for calls.

  • New RAM is needed, as the current ram is corrupt.

Otherwise I think all the other problems are issues that I could live with.  I do not wish to spend too much money on a computer which is just going to sit in the car all the time anyhow.


The final components for the Tower project are on their way to my front door.  I hope the installation and build process will go smoothly.  I took a bit of a risk in ordering that motherboard as some people have reported issues with it regarding RAM.  However, I did want a future proof computer, so I wanted it to be upgradable.  I will deal with RAM issues if they occur.

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