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Christmas Time is Near

Having generally given up my formerly Roman Catholic faith, I still seem to miss the time of year when family gets together and celebrates beside a Christmas tree. I have many fond memories of this time of year, and also some memories I wish I could go back and change. Being that I am still waiting for my immigration to go through, I am stuck in the states and unable to attend the family holiday celebrations. Of course however, I doubt now that everyone has grown up, and moved on, like myself, that the holidays are nearly as special as they once were. The magic of Christmas morning was something you looked forward to all year around. I imagine that magic will never truly return, the realities of being an adult now kind of put a damper on things. I suppose if I ever had a child, some of that magic would return, if not for myself, at least I would see that magic in my child. But a child is not in the plans at this time. Last year, if I recall, my Christmas consisted of eating chineese food, while playing World of Warcraft. I imagine this year will be fairly similar. However, that being said, I will make a short list of things I would like. - New Computer Components: I wish to build a new computer for gaming. Since gaming and the internet are my main forms of entertainment, computers are essential for my sanity. The following is a list of parts for a planned computer upgrade, which I shall add to my wishlist. XFX GeForce 9800 GT video card. Intel DP45SG Motherboard - This is the core of the system and the link is a package deal which includes RAM and a Processor. Hard Drive... These are actually very cheap these days. CD/DVD Rom Drive Media Center for Flash Drives and such. Case and Power Supply The case is purchased. Still need a power supply however. Cooling Fan The most important thing... Windows XP Pro! I have a copy of it, that we purchased, but it is a upgrade copy, which upgrades from windows 95. This is clumsy... And before Windows XP completely dissapears, I would like to get a fresh install disc for it. I refuse to run Windows Vista at this time. Dreaming aside, the computer is likely the item which I would get the overall most use and enjoyment out of. My current computers are getting old. At these prices, it is also hard to ignore that this computer would be an amazing deal, and since most of the components are state of the art, there is a lot of potential for future expansion. Some other things for my wish list: - A MEC Tent I dont know when I will be going camping again, I hope soon tho, and I really miss it. This tent will be a useful addition. Likewise other camping supplies I need: Stove, a Lantern... But camping in NY State is no fun really. So I will likely be only camping when I can get back into Canada. - New Flashlight with about 10 Batteries. - AKG HSC-171 Headset! This is a dream headset of mine. They fit so nicely and have the most amazing sound I have ever heard. I would love a pair of these for the computer, and for late night gaming / raiding when I need to use voice chat. It is very much worth the money... I love this headset and really want one, lol. I am pretty sure RVA in Toronto can supply them for a better price, especially if you mention my name to Ian. I think aside from a new computer, this is what I would get the most use out of. Anyhow thats my wish list, lol I am sure I wont get any of it, but I had fun typing it up and dreaming :) Not that gifts are really what I miss so much. I miss sitting by a fire, enjoying some eggnog and maybe a little Baileys Irish Cream. Socializing with everyone and having a good time. The Christmas dinner is also a big thing I miss, a nice long table with 24 or more people, all eating a giant feast. But I know that wont be happening this year. Things are going well however, and hopefully in a few months I will be able to begin working. I have thought about going into fire safety, or maybe working on the Railroad. While being a fire fighter is something I am sure I would love, I do not think I could do it with my asthma. Happy Holidays! Roadwolf,

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