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BPRR Layout Changes (rev 3.1)

I am slightly modifying the original plan. My plan is to have a less prototypical atmosphere then the original.  While yes I am still focused on the BPRR, I am generally excluding CSX/NS main lines from the Buffalo side of the layout.  At Salamanca there will be a interchange yard instead where CSX and NS will enter the layout through. The layout will feature a BPRR main line from Buffalo Creek Yard, through East Aurora, Holland, Arcade, Machias, Ashford, Ellicottville, and then East Salamanca being the terminating point.  Along side this route, Buffalo Southern will parallel with the BPRR about half way around the room, then it will terminate at Gowanda which will be located on a peninsula portion of the layout, away from the BPRR trackage which will follow the contours of the layout room. At Arcade, there will be a small interchange yard, which will be used to interchange traffic with Arcade and Attica Railroad which will also run parallel to the BPRR in a reserve direction back to the peninsula again, and will terminate similar to how Buffalo Southern terminated, however on the other side of a scenery divider. Ideally the BPRR will likely be double tracked, or single tracked with sidings and a complex signal / interlocking system...  That is yet to be debated. I will be using L Beam open truss construction for the framework. CSX/NS Traffic will share the BPRR main line to access an intermodal facility near Buffalo.  AmTrack will also run one local train on the line.  Buffalo Southern will have a local passenger train, as will Arcade and Attica. Currently my Buffalo Creek yard plan looks kinda like the following crappy drawing, with the green area being Buffalo Southerns transfer yards, and the Orange areas being BPRR's yard.  The uncolored areas are mutual storage and servicing tracks. BPRR Yard Plan I have yet to find a decent easy free planning software so I have been doing everything by hand so far.  I am looking at a time frame of sometime before April to begin the framing.  And of course others are welcome to assist and join the fun! Think this is a good idea?  OR should I revert to the previous concept? Industries:
  1. General Mills - Grain (Covered Hoppers), Corn Syrup (Tankers), Dry Food (Boxcars), Chemicals (Tankers)
  2. ADM Milling - Grain (Covered Hoppers), Corn (Covered Hoppers), Feeds (Covered Hoppers)
  3. LaFarge Cement Docks - Cement Mix (Covered Hoppers - small)
  4. Buffalo Freight - Freight (Flatcars, Boxcars, Reefers, Centerbeam Flats)
  5. Erie County Highway Dept - Rocksalt (Hoppers), Sand (Covered Hoppers)
  6. Honeywell - HAZMAT Goods (Boxcars), General Freight (Boxcars), Chemicals (Boxcars, Tankers, Covered Hoppers), Sheet Metal (Wide Door Boxcars, Covered Gondolas)
  7. Buffalo Steel - Steel Ingots (Covered Gondolas), Recycled Steel (Gondolas), Sheet Metal (Wide Door Boxcars, Covered Gondolas)
  8. Buffalo Creek Yard - Diesel Fuel (Tanker), RIP Track (Any Car), Storage Tracks (Any Car)'
  9. Buffalo General Freight Dock -
  10. Lubricants - Oil Drums (Boxcars), Used Oil Drums (Boxcars), Oil (Tankers), Scrap Drums (Boxcars), Scrap Metal (Gondola)
  11. Ceramics -
  12. Steel Recycling Plant - Recycled Steel (Gondolas), Scrap Metal (Gondolas), Scrap Aluminum [CUBES] (Bulkhead Flatcars), Recycled Aluminum (Boxcars)
  13. Transloading Facility - Dry Food (Boxcars), Fresh Foods (Reefers), General Freight (Boxcars)
  14. Auto Dock - Autocarriers {4 cars}
  15. Stuben Foods - Grain (Covered Hoppers), Corn (Covered Hoppers), Corn Syrup (Tankers), Frozen Food (Reefer), Dry Food (Boxcars)
  16. LaFarge Concrete - Cement Mix (Covered Hoppers), Limestone (Covered Hoppers), Gravel (Hoppers), Sand (Covered Hoppers), Pre Formed Concrete Parts (Gondolas, Flatcars)
  17. Hamburg -
  18. Fisher Price - Plastic Pellets (Covered Hopper), Sheet Metal (Boxcars). General Goods (Boxcar)
  19. Clyde Feeds - Feed (Covered Hopper)
  20. Aurora -
  21. Lumber Yard - Lumber (Centerbeam Flatcar)
  22. Ebeneezer Rail Car -
  23. Holland -
  24. Manufacturing Factory -
  25. Fertilizer Plant -
  26. Corn and Grain Silo -
  27. Eden -
  28. American Wire Tie -
  29. Buffalo Ethanol and Gas - Corn (Covered Hoppers), Petrolium (Tankers), Ethanol (Tankers), Bio-Diesel (Tankers), Used Oil Drums (Boxcars), Scrap Drums (Boxcars)
  30. Gowanda -
  31. Zoar Valley Lumber - Woodchips (Woodchip Gondola), Lumber (Centerbeam Flat)
  32. Blue Seal Foods -
  33. Arcade -
  34. Arcade Team Track -
  35. Pierce Milling -
  36. Machias (County Highway Department) - Rocksalt (Hopper), Gravel (Hopper), Sand (Hopper)
  37. Quarry - Limestone (Covered Hopper), Gravel (Hopper), Sand (Hopper)
  38. Attica Salt - Rocksalt (Hopper)
  39. Salamanca Farmers Co-Op - Corn (Covered Hopper), Grain (Covered Hopper), Feed (Covered Hopper), Fresh Foods (Reefer)
  40. Salamanca -

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