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Who has the biggest e'peen?

One of the more common newbie mistakes in this game (World of Warcraft) is to focus on loot and gear.  While yes gear is nice to have, it is not a means to an end, like so many people seem to think.  Tonight I was chatting with a level 44 druid who shall remain nameless.  They told me about how they always like to get run-thrus for gear because its shiny and because their friend is always getting run thru for better gear, and has more money then them. How did a level 40 get 400+ gold?  simple, by begging and getting a level 70 to give it to them.  Of course it is possible to get 400 gold at level 40, but it normally takes effort.  My issue is this:  If a level 40 is taught that in this game, all they have to do is whine to the right people, and they will get gold and items and run thrus, they are being led into a huge lie.  And when the time comes for these players to actually play in a dungeon with people the same level, their skills will be so slacked that they will not be able to keep up with the group.  They will also have trouble earning gold to pay for their repairs and luxuries like flying mounts and fun things. A players basic habits are often formed in the first 40 levels of the game, if they are not corrected, they will often develop into bad habits which will make the game unenjoyable for them in the end.  I am highly disgusted by e'peen contests and people who brag in the game.  Really now...  does it make you feel cool to brag about virtual wealth and possessions? This is why we must stress proper grouping!  This is why there are no free handouts!  This is why I do not do run thrus!

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