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TS2009: Double Track Mainline from Tyvan to Pandora.

I decided to have a little fun today and work on the farm area arond Tyvan.  Tyvan is a small stop along the mainline at about Mile 18 or so.  It includes a Grain Elevator and a Feedlot for Cattle, which often hires the railroad to transport live cattle to the slaughterhouse.  The town also includes a VIA Rail platform. The single track mainline between Tyvan and Pandora is very scenic and well landscaped.  It is one of my favorite stretches of track on the whole route.  At the moment, the single track is handling traffic well enough.  However for ease of operations I have decided to double track as much as possible, and in some areas run 3 tracks (the middle one being a bypass for express trains). I wanted to do something different, so I set up a work train and a work crew to help construct the new bridge over the river.  As you can see, once the new bridge is complete, the old bridge and the road bridge need updating as well.  Due to the fact that this river is of no real significance, I am going to be installing basic plate girder bridges.  If it were important, I might choose a more interesting bridge type. To view the whole route, you can view a image of my working block diagram of the route.  As always, this is a work in progress. Update: Some progression since the last photo.

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