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Trainz Update

Scajaquada Route Images and a sneak peak at the Newfoundland Route:

KCH Local_sm

A local freight traces through the valley as it approaches Empire, on the Kachinahey Sub.


A Grade Crossing on the Scajaquada Line.


This is an example of the grass splines and detail level.

The Scajauqada Route is a made from scratch fictional route.  The route covers some 150 route miles.  About half of the route has completed scenery, however there were some inheriant design flaws in this route which made it undesirable over time.  One was the proximity to a large city right off the bat.  Trying to build a large city in Trainz is stressful to say the least.  Another was the lack of use of any track elevation techniques.  The trackbed is all set to 0 on the height index, and the land around the track is molded to look like it is rising or falling.  While this was a lot easier to do, it created a less challenging route.

I also used block scenery for this route,   I would dress up a section about a kilometer square and then copy and paste it to detail a large amount of land at once.  I would then go over the trackside features more carefully, and add telephone poles,  grass splines, and other such trackside features as desired.  This was a fairly efficient method.

I then got interested in Trains DEM, and for my first serious attempt at a DEM route, I choose the challenging terrain of Newfoundland in order to build a fictional route.  As you can see from the image below, the DEM terrain is a lot more realistic.  I am however waiting until I get Trainz2010 to begin to add scenery to this new route - as I do wish to use the layering system and speedtrees.

If you know Newfoundland well, and think you can guess where the image below was taken from, let me know :)


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