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Trainz 2009 - RWL Route Update

Just wanted to update everyone on my long term project in Trainz called RWL.  It is a scale simulation of a fictional mountian pass mainline route, with spurs, yards, towns and working industries.  In all total, the Route is about 100 scale miles at this time. Kachinahey was a Junction town which I created when I was doing a demonstration on how to build routes with TRS2006.  I am happy to report that it is still very much an active town. Recently I have added some industrial sidings, including a Gravel Pit, and a Furnature Factory.  I also added a 2nd track on the mainline, which serves both the Mainline and the Kachinahey Subdivision.  Also, while I did fully cover the hills with pine trees, I found it lowered my FPS too much for me to be able to work on it.  So I removed some of them for now.  I do plan on having the route look very realistic in terms of its tree coverage however. I also expanded the Kachinahey Subdivision to meet up with a town called Wright where there will be a small yard.  Beyond Wright is going to be a Nickle Mine.  There is also another Railroads trackage which joins ours at Wright, and will presumably share our trackage down the Scajaquada Valley. Further down the Mainline, there is a new town called Leamington.  This town has a Chemical plant, and a Logging Camp.  It will also likely have another industry, but space is limited. All in all, the route is progressing slowly but steadily.  I am enjoying Trainz, and it does satisfy my desire for a model train layout which I have always had since I was a young boy.

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