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The Department of Magic matures!

The Department of Magic has finally advanced to that family stage. Guild Chat is now mostly calm and people are content to quest, and chat casually.  The 'noobishness' is almost all gone.  Not that it bothers me, but I am glad that members are learning the game quickly from us. Apart from that, we are now also the largest guild on the server as far as I know.  At least when it comes to active members.  My Census addon is reporting that we are the 15th largest guild in terms of overall experience.  All the guilds who are above us in rank, usually only have about 50 to 150 members who are active.  While we have 240 active members. LifeRoot may well be our largest rivalry.  The Arisen and a few other upper level guilds seem to be mainly focused on hardcore raiding and pvp.  Therefore we will do well to focus on the casual player, and try to provide a little bit of everything. Check out the Dept. of Magics forums at

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