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{TFC} TF2 Server

The Flying Circus was a loosely organised gaming community focusing on Team Fortress 2, and the Left 4 Dead franchises.  In some aspects the community also migrated into the Minecraft world.  The community formed around the Fastlane Crews public Team Fortress 2 server.  The Fastlane Crew [FLC] was a closed group of players who acted as over seer's of the server, and the anchor clan.  [FLC] however had a limited membership, and many people wanted to join the community of great people.  Therefore a sub-clan was set up, called the Flying Circus which was kind of like a trial clan for those who were prospective [FLC] members.

The Flying Circus however had its own charm in and of itself.  Being a wider community there was a broader spectrum of individuals and skill sets.

The Flying Circus TF2 server has been reborn to act as a reunion point for those members, and the members of [FLC].  We also encourage new membership and are actively seeking volunteers to help promote and moderate the server.

Our TF2 server is located at

Our Minecraft server is located at and it is white-listed.

Please apply on the forums for the Minecraft server.

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