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TF2: Demo / Soldier Update

As I follow along on the latest Team Fortress 2 update, I can't help think how the Engimatical from August is a prediction for this upgrade.  While, yes I was a bit off in my predictions...  Overall, the Engimatical seems to be coming true. Engimatical: TF2 This update however seems to be the most enjoyable of all.  The comic series is amazingly fun.  Of course this update isn't without its hidden pages, such as the 'poopyjoe' page.  The poopyjoe page predicted the new rocket launcher, and the broadsword thus far.  I believe that the Bugle, Pick-axe, and Larate are likely as other weapons.  I also believe that there will be some sort of doomsday weaponry, perhaps as the final weapon awarded to the winner.   This doomsday weaponry will likely be a large AOE style explosion, which will infect players with a DOT or mini-crit biological disease. I think the bugle will likely either give your team a speed boost for a short time, or cause nearby enemies to loose control for a short time. I am unsure about the zeppelins.  As for the engineer being mixed into this update?  I kind of doubt it.  Although this is called an Engimatical, there is not enough time to toss the Engineer into the storyline.  And I think the name Engimatical was chosen just to screw with our heads. Again, if you haven't tried this game yet, it is amazingly fun for all ages.  If you are looking for a mostly mature, and fun loving server to enjoy the game on?  Check out my server at

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