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Team Fortress 2: The Classless Update!

Well it seels like Valve is doing it again.  Another Team Fortress 2 update is upon us.  This time Valve is claiming that it is a "Classless" update - implying that there will be no specific class targeted.  However they do mention in the blog post that this is because of their recent 'lack of class' in releasing the Jarate upgrade.  Therefore this very well could indicate that the classes being updated, lack class? For those who are not regular TF2 players, you should know that TF2 (Team Fortress 2) has 9 distinct playable classes.  The Scout, The Soldier, The Pyro, The Demoman, The Heavy, The Engineer, The Medic, The Spy, and The Sniper.  Over the last year or so, Valve has slowly been releasing weapon updates to each class.  So far we have seen the Pyro, Medic, Heavy, Scout, Sniper and Spy updated.  This leaves Demoman, Soldier, and Engineer yet to be updated.  (click the links to see videos introducing the classes). While the weapon and ability updates are always fairly balanced (with the exception of the Force-A-Nature for the Scout) these updates do change the way people play their favorite classes, and thus are exciting to any TF2 regular. The previous update was originally portrayed as just the Sniper Update, but then the Spy sapped it (which was hinted at through small webcode hints and graphical hints during the first few days of releasing the details of the update).  There has been a lot of speculation that the last 3 classes will or should be updated together. Which brings us to Todays Classless Update.  The Classless update suggests that we will be getting new hats and perhaps a way to trade or win hats from other players.  We also get a new map...  But wait, there will be more tomorrow.  Notice the Day 1 on the update page. Also, some TF2 fans did notice hidden links and hidden webpages, which seem to hint at there being more to this update them meets the eye.  Just like the Spy / Sniper update, this one seems to hold more then just a few hats, and maps. is a hidden page which hints at a melee fighting system to win hats. Where as seems to hint at possably new Engineer items.  What with all the gears, and mechanical / crafting references. Some say this is a schematic for this update.  Suggesting that each day will bring these numbered additions. and this one is another Hat related one it seems, however there is possibly more to it. Now, each article or image mentions MANN in some form.   MANN CO. is a supply company (fictional) which supplies various weapons to other classes via mail order.  Their ads can be seen in the Sniper / Spy update.  As well as briefly in another update and in the Meet the Spy video. At the very least, this suggests that there will be weapon upgrades or additions.  Possibly purchasable weapons which can be used in any class and/or created?  Or perhaps one time use weapons which the Engineer can manufacture for his team (instead of a dispenser)? In any case, the only 2 classes which I would say 'don't have class' would be the Soldier and Demoman.  The engineer may not be the most well dressed person in the room, but he does have his own special class about him.  Dispite that there seems to be a lot of hints towards Engineers this update. Another feature which is interesting, is the inclusion of poisons, smoke and swamp gas capsules.  These actually apparently reference gernades in Team Fortress Classic.  However many agree that Gernades ruined TFC. I suppose we will have to wait till Day 2 to see where Valve is going with this. Keep us on our toes Valve,  we love it!

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