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Team Fortress 2

One of the most interesting first person shooter games I have ever played has been Team Fortress 2. This game runs on Valve's Source engine, and is remarkably like being inside a Pixar cartoon. Here is a good example of what you would expect to see in the game: I really cant describe how fun the game is.  It is great for those times when you just wanna unwind.  and you find yourself playing for hours on end, watching your score go up and up.  Anyone can be a great player here - the game is about having fun. and While I have seen a few hacks and exploits, I must say that it is generally very fairly played.  The odd time I do see someone who is hacking, he is usually banned from the server very quickly.  Unlike many other first person shooters, you wont be overwhelmed by team fortress 2 as a complete newbie. I recommend it to anyone.  The only thing I have found which is a concern, is that sometimes the graphics can be demanding on the system.  I have a system here at home which is fully technically able to play the game, but for some reason has always been laggy with it.  Yet I have another system which is actually slightly less technically able as the first, and it plays it fine (same video cards for both as well).  So I am not sure what is going on there.  But the technical support in general is fairly easy to understand none the less. I do not consider the computer I play the game on, as a high end system at all.  It is an AMD 3200, with about 2 gigs of ram, and a GT8600 video card - running Windows XP Pro.  So I think it would be considered more like an average or lower end computer.  None the less the game runs smooth and lag free on this computer, and that is at maximum video quality settings. Anyhow, be sure to try this game out some time!

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