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Supreme Ruler 2020: Finally finished.

So I decided to try playing Supreme Ruler 2020 again, now that I have a computer powerful enough to handle a larger scale game.  I have tried to play the game before, but in a world conquest game, with so many units, it always seemed to bog down my older computers.  With my G53, I was able to finally finish a game.   I tried to play as Canada at first, but I always got crushed by the American forces early on, and my allies wouldn't help me.

I ended up choosing the United states to start off with.  I know that is a bit of an unfair advantage, but I just wanted to win.  Canada and Mexico were easy to take over.  I then sent some units over to Russia's east coast, and prepared a base there in the Russian tundra.  I also took over down in South America.

Brazil and Argentina took a while to take over, and while that was happening I spent time to airlift units between the islands in the Caribbean.  I then sent units to Africa and quickly took over the horn of Africa.  I then concentrated on Russia and China, while my troops swept across Africa and into the Middle East.  I also then took over Greenland in a furious battle which lasted all of 10 minutes.  I built airports in Labrador, Canada, then in Greenland and Iceland.  I found out that the UK was too heavily defended to invade, so I decided to send troops into Norway.   Using every available transport plane, I hop scotched troops into Norway.

China took a while, but was mostly fairly easy.  At that point I emptied out all my troops out of the Americas to various fronts.    The European front, African front, and Russian front were all going fairly well.   But then the Norway front began to weaken as I started approaching the Russian and German territories.  I had to divert more troops and almost got pushed right back to my landing point in Norway.

Eventually mainland Europe was mine, and I pressed East as I finished taking over Africa.  Moving East I quickly crushed India and merged all my troops into one massive force.   After taking over all of mainland Asia, I transported troops to the various Pacific island countries, and then took over Japan.  To finish it all off, I quickly took over Australia and New Zealand, and finished the game!   Towards the end I found that I was constantly scrapping units.  I had too many active troops for what I needed done, so I reserved and scrapped many units.

The ending however wasn't very special.  Just a pop up window that said that I had completed the game and gave me the option to continue to exit.  I was hoping for some stats.

Anyhow, all in all, it was about a 400 hour long game.   Quite epic.   But it was pretty fun.

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