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Stronghold Kingdoms: Review

Back in April, I was browsing around on Steam and saw this FREE game.  "Stronghold Kingdoms, eh?" I thought to myself, in my quarky Canadian accent.  "Sounds like one of those cheap flash driven Facebook games...  Oh well, I might as well try it out."  And I am glad I did!  While I am a fan of the Civilization series, I am generally not a fan of 2d style strategy games.  But this game is somehow different.  Perhaps because it is perpetual, and that things take a long time to happen.  It is fun to check in every now and then, and see how things are progressing.  The suspense is sometimes very exciting.

Yes it is a slow game, taking a long time to be able to even run your second village.  But it does promote social growth and networking in order to survive.  Those who are assholes, usually go down in flames.  And those who do not seek social networking with their peers, also are at a disadvantage.

In my current two parishes, I am working on trying to build up my army and troops in order to defend myself and a group of friends I have found in game who all have similar goals.  The excitement around troublesome neighbors and possible pending wars is quite interesting and has me on the edge of my seat.  Am I ready?   Are my troops strong enough?  Will my castles hold out against an enemy attack?   Do I have enough supplies?

All things I have to consider on a hourly basis.

If you are looking for a fun filled, free game to play, consider Stronghold Kingdoms!   Feel free to join me on World 4!  I go by Roadwolf in game.

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