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Sim Tower 2!

I have finally found a working replacement for SimTower on Windows 7!  Yoot Tower, is a sequel to the highly popular Sim Tower, but was only mainly released overseas.  The cool thing about Yoot Tower is that is works in Wndows 7!   Sim Tower does not, as it was written for the Windows 95 architecture which is apparently too old for windows to retain backwards compatibility on it.

It is just like Sim Tower, only cooler, in that it has more features.  It also has 3 locations in which to build, and you can create twin towers.

Since it is for sale on Amazon I suggest you go and buy it. Apparently it is not freeware as I was made to believe.


Simply extract the contents of the zip archive into a folder where you wish to install the game, then run the exe self extractor, which will install the game.  The run the game by running T2.exe

Ah, this game is far more entertaining then the countless failures that Kalypso has produced in the simulation, strategy genre as of late.   I will play this a bit and them maybe do another write up about it!

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