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SB&D Route Update 0.1.6

This update touches briefly on the old Newfoundland route I have been working on. To date the main line is now complete, measuring a whopping 270 miles!  Several branches still require some work.  As do some of the cities and a yard. I have started work on landscaping, and am well underway.  I am aiming for a fairly wild, and lush route, yet still trying to keep the fps rates up there.  So I am putting highly detailed items within about 200 meters of the track, and away from the track I scale back dramatically.   You really cant tell from the track that this is the case. Here are some shots of the work in progress: Roadwolf_20100823_0006 Roadwolf_20100823_0017 These shots are taken from my laptop, which has a microsoft video adapter GPU.  Therefore they aren't that great of a resolution...   but  the fact that I can play the game decently on such a computer, with so many trees and on such a large route, is a pretty good sign.

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