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RWL Route Update

Another Trainz Update. I am currently working on the city of Pandora.  As you can see, it has quite the downtown core.  The city was a railway town settled in the mountians kind of halfway between 2 major cities.  The booming coal, ore and logging industries have since helpped to grow Pandora into the city it is today.  Likewise the nearby fields have brought revenue from cash crops and livestock. The busiest industry in Pandora is the NRG Coal Power Plant, which on average recieves one full coal train, every 30 minutes.  The coal is usually 'green' coal from the north. About half of the industries are complete and tracked in Pandora at the moment.  I still must complete the Lumber Mill, Chemical Plant, and Intermodal Yard.  Much of the industries are accessed through an industrial spur, which snakes through crowded city streets.  Shunting is often a challenge, and one could easily spend a few hours shuffling cars around on the small sidings located here. Updated Stats: Main Route Length:  69 scale miles (roughly) Kachinahey Sub Length:  20 scale miles (roughly) South River Sub Length: 25 miles (roughly) Meaford Sub: 7 miles (roughly) NRG Power Spur: 5 Miles Updated Routing: The semi-abandoned single track line known as the South River Subdivision, is now complete, and connects to the Meaford Sub a few miles East of the junction at Weyburn.  This provides a secondary route for trains traveling into the city from the mainline, if the mainline is conjested. The CSX shared trackage link is almost complete.  Upgrades and doubletracking in spots along the mainline which is effected, still need to be completed however before we accept full volume of CSX Trains.

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