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The general idea with this server is that everyone gets a Town or Region to take care of. This allows for people to spread out and quarry/build without disturbing others who may prefer mining by hand or with turtles. The regions aren’t well defined, except at their centers. Town sites are situated often no closer then 2500 meters.

Several town sites are marked, as I discover them. As an explorer, you may also scout out new town sites and mark them with a torch and sign, naming the town/hill/body of water.  Not all named locations will eventually become town sites, but some may.  This is a server for those who want to explore.

Each town will naturally differ in what local resources are available. So you are asked to specify what style of play, and what resources you desire in your application.  You may not be able to get those resources, or may have to wait a while for us to find a town with your desired starting setup.  Please specify if you would rather wait, or will be fine with whatever you get, in the application.

The games main spawn is located in a protected Admin town.  Admins will help find new land, and moderate the server.  To become an admin you must write a small essay explaining why you would be a good choice, and also I request $20 a month for op.  $40 a month to actually be able to modify the server files.

Hub Towns are an optional style of gameplay. Hub towns are towns managed by many people who are working together to build and maintain their town.  The town is controlled by a Mayor, who is assigned, or voted in.  Hub towns can also be created by combining two or more neighboring towns into a single city.

Technical Specs:

This server is hosted in the Buffalo, NY area over a Business Class cable internet connection. The server itself is a Dell PowerEdge 850 Rack Mounted Server. This is the only application running on this server.

The IP:

Processor: Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz

Memory: 4GB ECC RAM

OS: Windows Home Premium 64-bit

Hard Drives: Dual WDC WD2500AAKX-001CA0 ATA (250GB x 2)

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