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A few lowbies left the Guild today claiming that they want to raid.  I found this rather amusing.  I think a lot of new players kind of got hooked on WoW after watching videos of huge 40 man raid teams, bashing thru Undercity, or Orgrimmar...   or Taking down Onyxia or any other applicable raid boss.  Of course many people are intelligent enough to realize that, you really can't do this until you have reached the max level - or at least 50+. I am fairly strict about that in my Guild.  Sure a bunch of level 20's can get together and 'attempt' to raid Crossroads.  It isn't going to work, and they will die over and over without getting many, if any kills themselves.  In my view, I believe that a new player who is made to believe that at level 20, he can successfully take down anything in a raid, with the exception of hogger, is likely giving the player false hope.  Back in the old days of WoW you could raid in Deadmines and other low level instances, however they dont do that anymore.  And it is sad really, because something like that would be doable. So I don't like to pass along false hope.  The game is tough, you gotta deal with it.  If you are bored with leveling and questing by level 20, then perhaps the game isn't for you? That being said, I do try to provide weekly entertainment for my guildies.  I set up tag events, and races, and things that we can all play, without getting killed many times, and getting depressed. Anyhow,  for those few who left,  good luck!  I hope you are able to kill all those level 40+ guards in your level 20 raid. To those who are still here  (all 207 of you),  I will ensure that there are good guild events, and a lot of fun things to do...   We will raid,  we will kick ass in world pvp, and we will have fun, as a family!   Department of MAgic forever :)

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