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O Game

O Game...  Sounds like something from Office Space.  But really, it is a space empire game, on a massive scale.  It is browser based, and text based.  The game is basically an RTS with resource gathering, research, and combat. A good friend of mine at work introduced it to me, and I have been playing it along side him ever since.  It has been about 2 years now, and I am still going strong.  At one time when I was playing a lot and trying hard, I was in the top 100, but these days I am around 250 in rank in my universe. Ogame The basic interface is fairly easy to understand after a little exploring.  You have your resource gathering screen where you can build power plants and factories to mine resources.  Metal, Crystal and Deuterium - a kind of fuel.  Dark Matter is normally purchased, but can be found in the game by completing quests or doing expeditions.  Energy is the amount of energy your power plants are producing.  Some items, like Graviton Technology requires vast amounts of Energy to research.  

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