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New Trainz Route

I am currently working with TrainzDEM to produce a realistic, and challenging fictional route based on the geography of Newfoundland.  I hope to be able to assemble quite a large route, in excess of 300 miles with some branch lines as well. The line technically starts where St. Johns Nfld is located geographically, and winds its way North West along a rocky coastline.  The primary industries will be iron ore extraction, forestry (on one southern branch line), coal, petrolium products, and plastics.  There will be one main port with a container yard, and an intermodal facility at about mile 200. There will also be regular passenger services on the line. The line will start out as a single tracked block controlled line with passing sidings every 5 to 10 miles or so. Industries will spring up around towns which will focus on the manufacturing of iron, lumber, coal and petrolium, and the processing of these items into processed materials or consumer goods.  There will also be a small isolated cattle ranch which will utilize old cattle cars, as well as a single grain silo located down a branch line. Gravel and other materials will also be collected and shipped via train, as will fresh food (sea food) which will require special rolling stock.  There will be a small autorack yard at one of the main towns as well.  Peatmoss and fertilizer will also be a natural resource. We will be assuming that the land link portion of this line will connect to the mainland.  Therefore: Incoming freight:
  • Automobiles
  • Some Grain and Food Cars
  • Containers
  • Some Chemicals
Outgoing Freight:
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • AvGas
  • Coal
  • Coke
  • Gravel
  • Containers
  • Iron (Processed) / Steel
  • Sea Food
  • Plastic
  • Peat Moss
  • Fertilizer
There should be a yard located around the 50 mile mark, which will be close enough to the majority of the industries which it will be serving.  However several trains may have to head from the mainland to the yard, then back out again once their sorted to local industries that they passed on the way in. Either way it should be interesting.  I am planning on developing this layout completely in Trainz2010 using speed trees and layers to assist me.

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