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My Tekkit server...

I would like to welcome anyone who is interested in regional survival game play to come join my server. The server seed is amazing, and features a massive ocean that is about 2000 meters wide at its narrowest explored spot. The ocean features many realistic decent sized islands, which would be perfect for someones secret outpost or island home. The mainland is also fairly large and there is much to be explored.

Check out the current map file:

Current Waypoint Files:

Simply install these in the following directory:


Be sure to change ~USER~ to your login name.



The general idea with this server is that everyone gets a Town or Region to take care of. This allows for people to spread out and quarry/build without disturbing others who may prefer mining by hand or with turtles. The regions aren't well defined, except at their centers. Town sites are situated often no closer then 300 meters.

Several town sites are marked, as I discover them. As an explorer, you may also scout out new town sites and mark them with a torch and sign, naming the town/hill/body of water.  Not all named locations will eventually become town sites, but some may.  Currently there are new towns being made up to 2500 meters away from the main spawn.

Each town will naturally differ in what local resources are available. So you are asked to specify what style of play, and what resources you desire in your application.  You may not be able to get those resources, or may have to wait a while for us to find a town with your desired starting setup.  Please specify if you would rather wait, or will be fine with whatever you get, in the application.

The main town is called Mahihkan, and is located next to Spawn and the Nether Portal. Roads and lighted paths are being made to hub towns from the main Spawn.

Hub Towns are an optional style of gameplay. Hub towns are towns managed by many people who are working together to build and maintain their town.  The town is controlled by a Mayor, who is assigned, or voted in.  Hub towns can also be created by combining two or more neighboring towns into a single city.
The Mayor is responsible for building infrastructure within the Hub Town, and Mayors may run to become regional leaders, and ops if they prove worthy enough.

Technical Specs:

This server is hosted in the Buffalo, NY area over a Business Class cable internet connection. The server itself is a Dell PowerEdge 850 Rack Mounted Server. This is the only application running on this server.

The IP:

Processor: Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz

Memory: 4GB ECC RAM

OS: Windows Home Premium 64-bit

Hard Drives: Dual WDC WD2500AAKX-001CA0 ATA (250GB x 2)

This server is backed up every 30 minutes. It also has a 24/7 uptime.

Server Rules:

  1. This is a survival based server. Therefore players must expect to not receive or be able to get any free items. Even Admins are expected to play within their own game play, using the tools they create from the items they mine.

  2. Admins or Regional leaders may be allowed free items for building inter-town infrastructure.

  3. This is considered an 18+ server. Therefore conversation in chat, and content design is not regulated. However abuse of other players will not be tolerated.

  4. Players may build any item they see fit within their building area.  This includes 2D pixel art.

  5. Damaging another players creations is not allowed unless the player is online at the time, and consents to PvP. If creations are accidentally damaged, the offending player must try to rebuild them as best they can, or compensate with a reasonable trade of goods. Violators will be banned.

  6. PvP is allowed if someone is trespassing on your land. PvP is also allowed in self defense or if the two parties have consented to battle. However PvP which is undesired or spawn camping, is not allowed. Violators will be banned.

  7. Items in chests within structures are to be considered private unless a sign says otherwise. Respect other peoples hard earned items.

  8. Items in chests outside, are considered public.

  9. Traps or setups which are designed to trap or kill a player, are not allowed except as defense within your own structures.

  10. Roads are considered public. Do not steal from them.

  11. Each town site is allowed to claim land up to 150 meters away from the town center marking post.

  12. You are discouraged from moving from your town to a new location, but if you do, it is your duty to ensure you are at lest 300 meters away from an existing town post, and ensure that you place your name and town name on your newly claimed land.

  13. Hub towns may claim up to 300 meters of land from their town post.  Hub towns may have many people living and working within them.

  14. Hub towns are considered public (except the insides of their structures), and therefore you may not kill outsiders, unless there is a justified reason to defend the town.


This server has a history of being the server for an old TF2 clan called the Flying Circus / FLC. Some of the players on the server are people who were formerly involved in that clan with myself. Others are personal friends of mine in real life. I do hope to make new friends through the server.

Currently I am the only Admin, but as the server grows I may accept applications or assign additional admins based on how much I trust them. I have had bad experiences with a normal Minecraft server in the past, with trolls who had huge wars with each other and who were jealous that one had Admin powers and the other didn't... So I am careful about that now.

A TeamSpeak server may be set up for this server, if the need arises. At the moment, Skype is commonly used.


Applications can be made here or via email to me and must include the following:

  1. Your Minecraft username.

  2. Your age.

  3. Your general location in the world (Earth).

  4. Your ideal starting area/biome, and most desired local resource?

  5. A general description of your ideal playstyle and any other information about you.

I don't include if you've been banned before, as I don't expect that question answered honestly, but please tell me if you've had issues before. I am willing to give anyone a chance, I just don't like dealing with tons of drama.

If you are accepted, I will message you and I will need the following:

  1. Your email address.


A file will be added for you, and you will be located at your assigned town site. When you log in you will have some basics and you will be at your starting site, with a small shelter and bed. You should make a waypoint for your town, if one doesn't exist.

People are added in phases, about once a week or so.  Please be patient.

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