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I have been reading the Myst Reader as of late.  So far I am mostly finished the Book of Ti-ana and have finished the Book of Atrus.  The storyline so far has been very interesting, spanning back 3 generations.  Basically the story behind the Myst game series is that Myst was a refuge created by Atrus after his father Ghen went crazy with power, in an attempt to rebuild the D'ni empire.  The interesting twist is that he, in some ways was responsible for its destruction.

But enough spoilers for now...

D'ni was a race of humanoids which inhabited something like a 'middle earth'.  Their home was deep within the earths crust, and they specialized in rocks, and writing books.   Books you say?   Yes,  books.   You see, it was these books, which when written on special paper, and with special ink, by someone supposedly of D'ni blood, that they could create worlds!   Yes, the D'ni were a godlike race, capable of bringing to life new worlds, and teleporting themselves there and back using special linking books.   This is how the D'ni empire survived so long underground.

They used these other worlds as a means to harvest resources, such as food, and wood, and other items which can't be found deep underground.  They also took vacations to these worlds and conducted research on the native inhabitants, which they often treated as slaves to undertake their bidding, and harvest their resources.

The story is so amazing in fact that it has inspired me to move towards a new Minecraft server.  Yes....  It shall be D'ni!     An underground world where the player starts with the basic raw materials needed to survive underground.  And using the Mystcraft addon, is able to create linking books to ages of their own creation in order to sustain themselves in their home underground.

And so, for those who have visited my Minecraft server in the past, this is news to update your FTB, and come on back and join us.  I will be using FTB: Horizons, which seems to have some interesting mods installed, and should be a fun challenge in an underground world.

Come join us, and help rebuild D'ni!  The great underground city.

As always, is the server IP!

*** Note: The server no longer exists.

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