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Minecraft Server update: Back to Tekkit!

Yeah, we are running Tekkit again.  Tekkit space was too strange, and I just couldn't find myself getting interested in it.  Therefore we reverted to Tekkit Lite.

The server is open, non whitelisted at for now.  If we start having issues, then we will have to whitelist.  I do backup the server 3 times a day, and that is how we can go back and figure out who did what when griefing happens.  It is kinda funny when you catch people actually in the middle of griefing during a backup.

The premise of this server, like others is that you have to explore away from spawn, and settle a town of your own.  Spawn protection extends 250 blocks from spawn, therefore you do have to explore quote a ways away from spawn.

We ask that you respect other peoples settlements, and refrain from stealing and griefing.  Also leave other people enough space to grow and expand.


tekkitlitespawn Starting Area

There are some areas in the map which are ruins.  These have been created by admins and include some treasure.  However there are also spawners in them, so it is a bit of a challenge.

DublinTower Dublin Tower is a heavily guarded treasure trove near Spawn


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