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Life is Feudal Server

I have recently found myself being lost in the midevil world that is "Life is Feudal". This is a RPG survival game set in the midevil ages, which incorporates a rich and deep crafting and skill system, an open world, and the ability to create, terraform and mine in real time. All in the confines of an MMO style multiplayer game world.

The game is in early Alpha stage, and development is quite active. That being said I wanted to jump on the bandwagon early on, as this game looks like a winner. And it is! So far I have spent 32 hours in the game, and I can say it has been well worth the money. I am running a server, which has been running smoothly, and the install, tho a bit unusual as it involves a SQL database, was actually not too bad for an early Alpha release.

The server details are as follows: "! [Niagara Falls, NY/Canada] - Dedicated 24/7" is the server title. As of yet there is no way to filter or search for servers or directly connect via IP that I know of, but you can find it in the list.

There are already well over 80 accounts registered on the server, and several settlements. It will be interesting to see how this evolves. It is also interesting to note that this game runs on a similar premise that my Tekkit Minecraft server once ran on. The ability to settle and develop lands and grow as a community.

So far, the server updates have been seemless and forward compatible. But I imagine at some point, we will have to restart. That being said, hopfully we can build a nice RP based server community - and when a restart does need to happen, we will be able to rebuild as a community.

We also have a TeamSpeak 3 server for our server.

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