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Left4Dead: Meet the Boomer!

Boomer Surprize! While playing Left4Dead in Versus mode you will likely be given the chance to play a Boomer at some time or another.  Boomers are very powerful zombies however they are also very fragile, one bullet can easily kill a Boomer.  This is why I decided to make a little strategy guide to help people understand how to play them. Boomers are most similar to the Smoker, in that they are a rare form of zombie, and are also quite fragile.  Boomers and Smokers also share the feature of having fairly blunt fingers and thus their melee attacks are not very successful.  However, like the Smoker, the Boomer has a primary attack which is very powerful if used at the right time and place. Boomers primary attack is to vomit on the survivors.  This attracts a whole horde of zombies to come running and attack the survivors who got thrown up on, ignoring the others who didn't get the pleasure of being thrown up on. In order to get close enough to throw up on your victims, you will usually have to hide around corners, or in nooks and crannies along the path the survivors are taking.  Boomers usually will always attack from the front or side, mostly by surprise. Another feature of the Boomer is that it will explode when it dies.  When it explodes it also splatters the survivors with bile, and also attracts more horde.  Skilled survivors will push a Boomer away before killing it, however often a stray bullet will hit a Boomer when it is close to other survivors and all hell will break loose. Often the Boomer is the key element in staging zombie attacks at choke points.  Usually the Boomer will go in first to bile the survivors, making them temporarly blind and attracting loads of zombies.  While the survivors are distracted by this, the other special zombies may attack easily. In some cases it is often more strategic to only spray your bile on one survivor.  For example, if one survivor is lagging behind because they are close to death, a quick bile spray will likely finish them off. In other cases it is sometimes more practical to drop down into the middle of the survivors from an elevated position and let them kill you, exploding and spreading your bile over all of the survivors. At range, there is very little a Boomer can do,  Therefore Boomers must stay behind cover until they are close enough to throw up on the survivors. I hope that helpped :)

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