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How Guilds Fail

I am not writing about my guild of course. My current Guild, Department of Magic on Vashj is doing great! I dare say it is officially the biggest guild on the server now. I am writing about this article I saw in WoWInsider. It covers some of the more common reasons why Guilds will fail. Greed, Corruption and Cliques. In my guild I always try to be fair, and democratic. I hate corruption and special treatment. I also tend to discourage and dislike loot whores who are after gear. I believe there is more to the game then loot. While some believe that loot is a means to an end, it is important to note that in the World of Warcraft, there will never be an 'End'. Many guilds fail because they do not support their members. A Guild should teach, and nurture its members. Not to the point of pampering them, but to the point of making them feel like they belong and are respected. I think the article mentioned above is a good one, and the author is dead on at pointing out the flaws in that Guild. My response to the person who posed the question would be as follows: You pay for your world of warcraft account time. so if you are not enjoying things, doing what you are doing, then it is time to move on. If someone is not enjoying my Guild I tell them thats cool, and good luck in their adventures, I also try to find out why they didn't enjoy it and work on improving that aspect. I have no problem actually going as far as poaching from Guilds which I know have crappy officers and GM's, because I know that the guild members are likely being mistreated and will likely be happier in a stable and proper guild. On Vashj there are so many Guilds which are very poorly run. I am OFTEN told by new members that my guild is the best one they have been in. I am quickly loosing respect for many other guild leaders on the server. I often hear complains of healers being treated like crap, and greed related issues. The server itself is shit if you like to PuG. No other guild seems to stress proper grouping, and many other players seem to be loot ninjas, and have no problem needing on loot. My guild seems to be the exception.

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