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Lately I have found myself drowning in a sea of games.  Not just games I haven't played yet, or games I have gotten bored of, of which several fill my Steam account.  No, I have found interest in about five different games at the same time.  This is quite unusual for me as I tend to only be able to focus on one game at a time in the past, but lately I have found myself able to focus on several games.  I think the reason is that most of them are games I can put around on when time permits, but they take time to play, so between action, I have time to play other games.

The games I am currently playing are:  Stronghold Kingdoms, World of Tanks, O Game, Minecraft and Star Trek Online.

I have talked about Stronghold Kingdoms here before.  Indeed it is a fun strategy game filled with politics and disputes.  That being said, while you should check in at least daily, if not every 6 hours or so which is about what I do, things generally don't happen very quickly.  But when things do happen, you want to be sure you can catch them in time to react.  So to me, this game is more so along the lines of logging in, checking mail, checking on production, sending out a few trades and scouts, and then logging off.

World of Tanks is another Free to Play game I have been playing.  I do enjoy the short battles and have nothing really bad to say about the game.  It is fun and challenging and is a great way to kill 15 to 20 minutes.  It does have a tech tree, but the focus is more on gameplay.  So you aren't spending most of your time researching or building.

The O Game is a space based, text based, strategy game, similar in style to Stronghold Kingdoms.  My friend got me into it, and since then I have been building up my planet quickly in order to defend and grow.  That being said,  things take time here like they do in Stronghold Kingdoms, so its kinda one of those log in, check things out, research, and then log out games.

My Minecraft server is back online.  I have been working on building a castle there.  The server is remaining completely Survival for now so that has been interesting.  For anyone who wishes to join, is the IP.  Please be respectful of other peoples stuff.

Star Trek Online is another one I recently got into through another friend.  He promises that people there are heavily into roleplaying.  I do enjoy roleplaying and have been seeking a good nexus for it lately.  But I am unfamiliar with space themed roleplaying, so I guess I will have to adapt.  Otherwise for a free to play game, STO is actually not that bad.  So far I am enjoying my grind upwards, and hope to be able to purchase a better ship soon enough.

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