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FLC Bylaws

Section 1:  General Information

1.1.1      Clan Focus

(1)    The primary focus of the Fastlane Crew is to provide a mature and friendly environment in which our members can enjoy Team Fortress 2, and the other games we play together.

(2)    The Fastlane Crew is a laid back casual gaming clan.  Members are chosen based on their personality, and not on their skill level.

1.1.2      Clan Founders

(1)    The original Clan Founders for the Fastlane Crew are as follows:

a)      Kyuzo

b)      Jen

c)      Shadeaux

d)      Crim

(2)    The Clan Founders will always be allowed to return to or remain in the clan indefinitely, so long as their leaving was voluntary.

(3)    The Clan Founders do not have to be Officers.

(4)    Clan Founders, who are found to have seriously broken rules (i.e. a felony), may be removed from the clan and stripped of their Clan Founding rights as per this document.

1.1.3      Clan Founding Date

(1)    The Fastlane Crew was founded on October 15 2007 on Team Fortress 2.  The Clan has had its start in Second Life prior to becoming a 'Clan'.

1.1.4          Definitions

(1)    This article is intended to define any common words of phrases which could be misunderstood in this document.

(2)    The following words are in reference to other common words in this document:

a)      Unless otherwise indicated by referencing other clans, the word Clan or Clans’s (possessive) will refer to the Fastlane Crew.

b)      The word Officer, Officers, Admin, or Moderator may refer to any member of Authority in the Clan or on the Server.

(3)    The following is a list of words we have defined for the purposes of this document:

a)      The word 'Regular' refers to a non clan member who has frequented our server / forums.

b)      The word 'Infraction' is considered to represent a lesser illegal act as per this document.  Parties who are found guilty of an infraction may recieve temp bans from our game servers with the maximum time being 7 days.  They may also be placed on probation within the clan with a maximum time being 15 days.

c)      The word 'Misdemeanor' is considered to represent a more serious illegal act as per this document.  Parties who are found guilty of a misdemeanor may recieve temp bans from our game servers with the maximum time being 60 days.  They may also be placed on probation within the clan with no set maximum time limit.  Parties guilty of a misdemeanor may also be perminately banned from the clan and any of our game servers, with the ability for the guilty party to challenge the ban.

d)      The word 'Felony' is considered to represent a very serious illegal act as per this document.  Parties who are found guilty of a felony may recieve perma bans or temp-bans from the clan and any game server the clan controls.   Clan members who are found guilty of a felony will likely be removed from the clan instantly.  Parties who are banned may not be able to successfully appeal such a ban if their crime was considered a felony.

e)      The word 'minor' refers to someone under the age of consent.  We loosely define that as 18, but as each geographic region has its own definition, ours is not set in stone.

f)       The word 'infrastructure' means any online method which the clan has at their disposal to communicate and interact.

1.1.5          Omitted Content

(1)    No Content is omitted thus far.

Section 2:  Resources

2.1.1        General Outline

(1)    The Clan has many resources available to them.  Some of these resources are defined here.  This section is designed to describe the limitations of these resources.

Sub-Section 2.2:  Steam Community Page

2.2.1      Posting and Comments

(1)     The Fastlane Crew Steam community page, located at is the homepage of the group within the Steam community.  Important notices may be posted on the page by Officers.

(2)    The Fastlane Crew's Steam Community page features a section in which members and non members alike may leave comments.  Comments left there must adhere to our guidelines on 'chat behaviour' as per Section 5.2.

2.2.2       Legal Issues

(1)    The Fastlane Crew's Steam Community page is also governed by the Steam TOS agreement and any EULA within the Steam / Valve corporation.  Any features or posts which may be in violation of any such agreement with the company which hosts this page will be removed, and the offender may be charged with an infraction.

Sub-Section 2.3:  Steam Friends List / Chat

2.3.1       Legalities

(1)    The clan has no control over what happens in peoples private lives.  Private messages, therefore, are considered outside of our scope of enforcment.

(2)    Steam Chat is also governed by the Steam TOS agreement and any EULA within the Steam / Valve corporation.  Any communication which may be in violation of any such agreement with the company which hosts this chat will be dealt with by Steam and/or Valve Corp.

(3)    Exception to 2.3.1(2);  If the clan Officers are made aware of any such infractions and the party has been punished by Valve / Steam - assuming the guilty party is a clan member - they may be charged with an infraction.

2.3.2       Harrassment of a Minor

(1)    Exception to 2.3.1(1);  If the private messages are undesired, and the recieving party is a minor, then the party sending said messages can be considered to be harrassing the minor.  The minor should be informed to block the messages, and actions will be taken to prevent the guilty party from coming in contact with the minor through our online infrastructure.  Harrassment of a minor in private can be considered a misdemeanor, however there must be chat logs and screen shots which prove the incident happened.

2.3.3       Group (Public) Chats

(1)    Group chats including 2 or more people wearing the clans tags are considered public clan chats.  These chats fall under the 'chat behaviour' guidelines as listed in Section 5.2.

Sub-Section 2.4:  In-Game Chat

2.4.1     Expected Behaviour

(1)    All in game chat should fall under the 'chat behaviour' guidelines as listed in Section 5.2.  This is true no matter where a clan member is playing, so long as they are wearing the clan tags.

(2)   As per 2.4.1(1); Clan members may remove their tags to visit other servers if they with to 'unwind' and fool around.

(3)   Exception to 2.4.1(2);  Clan members may not break any 'fair play' rules, which are outlined in the 'gameplay behaviour' guidelines in Section 5.3 - Even if they are not wearing their tags.

2.4.2      Public (non-clan) Server Rules

(1)    Clan members must respect the rules of any public/non-clan chat system they may be using in order to converse on.  This includes, but is not limited to, other game servers, owned and/or operated by other clans or by Valve Corp.

(2)   Clan members who do not respect the rules of any public/non-clan chat system (game server) will be considered as mis-representing the clan, and may be guilty of a misdemeanor.

(3)   Under some circumstances, clan members and non-clan members alike may be punished for breaking rules on other servers, and recieve the punishment that the other server admins feel is approperate to the situation.  This punishment may be carried over onto the clan's server.

Sub-Section 2.5:  Dedicated Servers

2.5.1      Overview

(1)     The Clans servers are run by Admins within the clan, for the enjoyment of clan members, and to attract new potential clan members.

(2)     At the moment, the only dedicated servers the clan runs are for Team Fortress 2.  These are run through DarkstarLLC and these servers are dependant on donations to keep them online.  Roadwolf is the current administrator of these Servers on behalf of the clan.

2.5.2      Server Rules and Enforcment

(1)     While the servers are usually open to the public, it is important that clan members, regulars, and visitors respect the rules of the servers.

(2)     Admins and Moderators are charged with encouraging a overall fun playstyle on our servers, and ensuring that a positive and enjoyable atmosphere is present on our servers.  Authority figures.   Respecting these figures is important.  Disrespecting the wishes of an Authority Figure is considered an Infraction.

(3)     Authority figures have special abilities on our dedicated servers.  These abilities allow the authority figures to use their powers from time to time to show force when needed.  Some of these abilities are described as follows:

a)   Kick:  Allows Admins to kick an offending player.  This is often treated as a warning or 'spanking'.  A kick will allow the offending person to return instantly.  Upon return, the offending player should not continue being offensive.

b)   Slap / Slay:  Does damage, or kills a player during gameplay.   This is also often treated as a warning, testing device, or simply a form of allowable admin abuse within reason.

c)   Mute/Gag/Silence:  Mutes players to limit their ability to communicate.  This is often used when a player is mic-spamming or when an announcment must be made, and the player is not allowing the announcer to speak.  No warning is given to non-admins when this occurs and thusly it is generally applied without warning or notice if an authority figure deems it beneficial to the servers health (i.e. the overall population of the server, and continuing gameplay).

d)   Ban/Temp-Ban:  Removes a player based on their STEAM ID for a set time, or perminately.  This is usually done for more serious issues which are covered in this document.

e)   Drugs/Blind/Gravity:  These commands allow the affected player to act in a strange manner, which the game otherwise may not allow.  These commands are usually not used in normal gameplay.

(4)      Authority Figures are trusted members of the clan, and are fully capable of making decisions based on evidence at hand.  While we do allow the authority figures to use their own judgement in making a decision to enforce rules on the server, it is possible that they may make a mistake.  That being said; judgements made on the server at the time of an incident are always reversable in the future through due process on the forums.

(5)     Further to 2.5.2(4); Any party who questions an authority figure publically, in-game about their actions, is to be considered guilty of an infaction.   No one should interfere with the job of an authority figure.  Any disagreements should be taken to the forums and discussed there.

(6)    Exception to 2.5.2(5);  If another authority figure questions a party about the actions of seperate authority figure, that party may give their own opinions publically - in addition to describing the situation, if the question was asked in a public area - so long as the discussion does not interfere with normal gameplay or operations.

(7)    Ignoring an authority figure when they are trying to communicate with a party, or when they are trying to warn a party; And the party continues doing what the authority figure wishes they cease, is considered an infraction.

2.4.3       Donations

(1)    Donations can be made via ClanPay on Darkstar LLC.  These donations go directly into the server invoices.

(2)    Donators get special abilities or enhancements based on their position within the server and how much they have donated.

(3)    As per 2.4.3(2); Donators get special abilities.  These abilities are defined here:

a)     Any non clan members who donates is first assessed to see if he/she is worthy of donator benefits.  If a regular wishes to donate, but is unsure if they will be worthy of said rights, they may ask and an honest answer should be given by an authority figure within 24 hours.

b)    Non clan members who donate may recieve reserved slot, class limit immunity, auto balance immunity.

c)    Non clan members must pay $10 to get one month of benefits, and $25 to get 3 months of benefits.

d)    Non clan members who donated $25 or more within 3 months of becoming clan members, are entitled to the full year long benefit span that clan members get.

e)    Clan members who donate $25 or more, recieve a full year of benefits, as well as the kick, mute, and drug abilities - in addition to the abilities outlined in 2.4.3(3)(b).

f)    Clan members who donate less then $25, recieve one month of donator abilities for every $5.

g)    Donator abilities may be auctioned off, or given away as prizes to people who have not donated.  The maximum prize is 3 months of donator ability.

2.5.4       FLC Stats

(1)    FLC Stats is a plugin which tracks the points of all of the visitors and regulars on our dedicated servers.

(2)   The point system is chosen by the Admins, and is designed to be as balanced as possible.

(3)   Players who try to 'rank whore' or who frequent the server, specifically to try to improve their rank, will not be considered for clan status.  The clan is not competetive, and thusly we are not fond of others who play specifically for the points.  We encourage playing for fun, and playing to help your team.  Players who are noticed to only play to enhance their points, may, over time, be considered rank whores, and may be punished with an infraction.

(4)   Not only does FLC Stats record points, but it also records the STEAM ID of everyone on the Server.  This information is available through a online web interface.  This information may be used as evidence for or against a player during an appeal.

2.5.5       Jukebox

(1)    The Flying Circus servers that the clan operates on Team Fortress 2 are the primary alpha testing location of a sourcemod plugin called Jukebox.  This plugin was developed by steam user 'SirLamer' and he is involved in further development and testing of the plugin on our server.

(2)    SirLamer has full admin abilities on all of the clan's servers in order to carry out his testing of this plugin.

(3)   SirLamer has not been authorized to enforce any aspect of this document.

(4)   Jukebox uses an ingame interface to be able to play music streams over HTTP port 80 in Team Fortress 2's in-game browser window which runs in the background while playing.

(5)   Jukebox may enduce lag on lower end systems or on low bandwidth connections upon the initialization of a music stream.

(6)   Music uploaded to Jukebox becomes encoded for leech protection.

(7)   Admins may use a playall or force command to play music during special events.   Complaining about music being played by an admin may be an infraction if the event is well advertised on the server.

(8)   Using voice chat to intentionally talk over music being played in a public stream as to ruin other peoples experience of the music is considered an infraction.

2.5.6       Bans and Admin Status

(1)  Whenever possible, bans and admin status is kept up to date, and similar on all servers.

Sub-Section 2.6:  Forum

2.6.1      Forum Rules

(1)    You agree, through your use of this forum, that you will not post any material which is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, adult material, or otherwise in violation of any International or United States Federal law. You also agree not to post any copyrighted material unless you own the copyright or you have written consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. Spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are also forbidden on this forum.

(2)    Note that it is impossible for the staff or the owners of this forum to confirm the validity of posts. Please remember that we do not actively monitor the posted messages, and as such, are not responsible for the content contained within. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information presented. The posted messages express the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of this forum, its staff, its subsidiaries, or this forum's owner. Anyone who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to notify an administrator or moderator of this forum immediately. The staff and the owner of this forum reserve the right to remove objectionable content, within a reasonable time frame, if they determine that removal is necessary. This is a manual process, however, please realize that they may not be able to remove or edit particular messages immediately. This policy applies to member profile information as well.

(3)    You remain solely responsible for the content of your posted messages. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this forum, any related websites to this forum, its staff, and its subsidiaries. The owners of this forum also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or any other related information collected on this service) in the event of a formal complaint or legal action arising from any situation caused by your use of this forum.

(4)    You have the ability, as you register, to choose your username. We advise that you keep the name appropriate. With this user account you are about to register, you agree to never give your password out to another person except an administrator, for your protection and for validity reasons. You also agree to NEVER use another person's account for any reason.  We also HIGHLY recommend you use a complex and unique password for your account, to prevent account theft.

(5)    After you register and login to this forum, you will be able to fill out a detailed profile. It is your responsibility to present clean and accurate information. Any information the forum owner or staff determines to be inaccurate or vulgar in nature will be removed, with or without prior notice. Appropriate sanctions may be applicable.

(6)    Please note that with each post, your IP address is recorded, in the event that you need to be banned from this forum or your ISP contacted. This will only happen in the event of a major violation of this agreement.

(7)    Also note that the software places a cookie, a text file containing bits of information (such as your username and password), in your browser's cache. This is ONLY used to keep you logged in/out. The software does not collect or send any other form of information to your computer.

(8)    While you may choose your Login name to be whatever you like,  your Display Name, or Nickname, must refer to your Steam Name.  Accounts with no reference to an in-game name, will be deleted.

(9)    The Clan Forum may have an add-on called a Shoutbox, which acts like a kind of Chat Room.  The Rules which apply to the in-game Chat, also apply to this Shoutbox at all times.

2.6.2      Website Facts

(1)    The Website and are hosted by and paid for by Roadwolf.

(2)    Donations are appreciated towards the websites, via paypal at however donators will not retain any special rights or have any say in what happens on the websites.

(3)    The website will never have applications which will threaten your computers security.

2.6.3      Forum Moderation

(1)    Officers will be able to moderate the forum as they see fit, however there may be a specific Admin who will be in charge of forum moderation and cleanup.

(2)    Officers reserve the right to delete, move or modify any post on the forums.

(3)    Modifying posts to change their overall meaning, is considered falsifying a document.  Officers who are found to be doing this may have their moderation abilities removed.

2.6.4      Improper Behavior

(1)    The Forums follow the same general rules as Section 5 in this document.  Members found to be acting in an improper manner on the forums, may be temp-banned, and/or placed on probation in-game.

(2)    Conversation within forum threads (topic) should remain on topic.   Users found intentionally or unintentionally swaying threads off topic on a regular basis, may have their posting abilities removed.

(3)    Trolling, and looking to start arguments, disagreements, or any other such drama, which is outside the scope of normal forum usage, is considered an infraction.

2.6.5      Hacking, Cracking, or Unauthorized access to parts of the Forum

(1)    Hacking the forums, or tampering with settings to give a subject unauthorized access is considered illegal.  Any Clan Members who are found to be accessing unauthorized sections of the forum may be removed from the clan instantly and their forum account banned.

(2)    Any Regulars who are found to be accessing unauthorized sections of the forum may be banned from our servers instantly and their forum account banned.

2.6.6      How to Register

(1)    On the main forum page, you will see a place where you enter your username and password.  Near that there is a small link which says Register.  Click on Register and enter in your desired username and password and fill out everything else it asks you.  You are encouraged to use your characters name as your user name for the forums.

(2)    Do not use the same password for the forums, as you do for your Steam account.

(3)    All new accounts on the forum must be approved by an Officer before being official.  This is to prevent spam and unauthorized access to our forums.

2.6.7      Posting in the Right Place

(1)    The forums are set into various categories and topic based board.  Be sure to try to find the right place to post a new topic.

2.6.8      The ‘Other’ Section

(1)    The Other Section is generally un-moderated.  You may discuss most things there so long as they do not filter out into the game.  Topics discussed in the Other section, stay in the Other section.

Section 3:  Server Rules

3.1.1       Server Information

(1)    Our servers are hosted by Darkstar LLC and are located at the following IP addresses:

a) - Main Server

b)     316.6.339.166:27015 - Secondary Server

(2)    Server logs are kept for at least a month in most situations.  Logs can be used in the appeal process.

(3)    Regular Gameplay or Normal Gameplay are terms used in this document to describe a normal gameplay situation.   Occassionally, we do hold events on the server which have slightly different gameplay mechanics as a normal game would.  Therefore these special events are not considered Regular or Normal Gameplay.

3.1.2       General Rules

(1)    'Don't be a Douchebag' is a rule which is posted on the message of the day.  This basically means use common sense and treat others the way you wish to be treated.

(2)    As per 3.1.2(1);  Admins may take action against a visitor or regular on the server if they are acting in such a way as to warrent action.

(3)    Political, and/or Religious discussions are discouraged.  The proponents of heated political and religious discussions may be punishable by an infraction.

(4)    Racism, Sexism, Gay-bashing, or discrimination in any other way in reference to an actual players beliefs or orientation is restricted.  Violators may be punishable by a misdemeanor.

(5)    Regional discussions which are intended to compare and put down people in specific regions of the world are highly discouraged.  Violators may be punishable by an infraction.

(6)    Our servers are newbie friendly.  As such, any discrimination or negative communication towards a new player will be considered an infraction.

(7)    In addition to 3.1.2(6);   Any aggravated aggression towards a new player, with no intention to help or assist the player is restricted.  Violators may be punishable by a misdemeanor.

(8)    In relation to 3.1.2(6,7);  New player is defined as being a visitor which we have not seen before.   Therefore any new visitor is considered a new player.

(9)    Exception to 3.1.2(8);   The player in question begins to blantantly break our rules,  or the player in questions appears to understand the concepts of the game.

(10)    As per 3.1.2(1);  Any player may be temp banned for 'general douchbaggery'.  Admins have the power to decide if any behaviour warrents a 'general douchbaggery' infraction.  That being said, you can usually assume it will be something offensive or negative.  This is considered an infraction.

(11)    Aggravated swearing towards any specific player is not allowed.  Violators may be punishable by an infraction.

3.1.3       Technical Rules

(1)    Griefing is defined as a player which purposely irritates and harasses other players.  Often to the point of harming their own teams chances to win a game.   Griefing is limited to using normal game mechanics to hamper your own team, or harrass your own players.  Some Examples:

a)    Using a flamethrower and blasting fire infront of a sniper when they are trying to snipe - thus blocking their vision.

b)    Building a teleporter which goes backwards, or otherwise teleports the player to a useless location.

c)    Building teleporters which trap the person inside them.

d)    Using voice commands to annoy other team mates, while you are obviously not attempting to help the team (i.e. just standing around spamming voice commands).

(2)    Griefing is not allowed during regular gameplay.  Violators may be punishable by an infraction.

(3)    Scripting is a method for players to write a simple code which allows them to preform actions in the game, slightly faster then they would if they were preforming them manually.  Scripting is often considered 'legal' by many clans, however on the FLC server scripting is outlawed.  Anyone we notice scripting may be punishable by an infraction.

(4)    'Hacking' is the general term which encompasses many aspects of cheating.  These include but are not limited to aim-botting, speed boost, hit box reduction or enlargment, health boost, and wall hacks (see through walls).  These aspects of cheating are not possible without modifications to game files, or the use of a 3rd party program running in the background.   Hacking is considered a felony offense on our servers.

(5)    Glitching is considered to be using a known flaw in a map or in the program in order to grief other players.  Violators may be punishable by a misdemeanor.

(6)    Exploiting is considered to be using a known flaw in a map or in the program in order to gain an advantage on, and kill other players.   Violators may be punishable by a misdemeanor.

(7)    Exception to 3.1.3(5,6);  Engineers may use dispensers and teleporters to access areas that are otherwise unaccessable, so long as anyone taking their teleporters are able to leave that area and are not trapped, and so long as any items the engineer builds are destructable by the other team.

(8)    Spawn camping is defined as when a player (or players) holds a position outside of an enemy spawn and blocks all methods to leave the spawn.  On our servers, we only consider it spawn camping if the enemy player maintains his position longer then 1 minute.  Any player which continues to camp infront of an enemy spawn point for more then 1 minute may be punishable by an infraction.

(9)    Exception to 3.1.3(8);  If the enemy team is guarding their intel which is dropped right outside (or nearby) the friendly spawn, then it is not considered spawn camping.

(10)    In addition to 3.1.3(8);  No player shall build a sentry gun infront of an enemy spawn location during regular gameplay.  This is instantly considered spawn camping.

3.1.4       Other Rules

(1)    On our server, sprays are generally not regulared unless they are visually unappealing.

(2)    Exception to 3.1.4(1);   Animated sprays which depict sexual intercourse may be censored.   Posters may be harrassed.

(3)    Being all-talk servers, voice chat can get kind of busy from time to time.   Be sure not to talk over eachother.   People found to be talking over others on a regular basis may be punishable by an infraction.

(4)    Exception to 3.1.4(3);   If the messages conveyed by the person interrupting the conversation is directly related to gameplay, with the intention to co-ordinate his/her team, then it is acceptable.   Communication about the game in progress takes priority over any other communication.

(5)    No one shall use voice chat to broadcast music.  This is punishable by an infraction.

(6)    Player names should be respectful.  Names of players in the server which may be offensive to other players on the server, may be forcably changed by an authority figure.  If the offender changes his name back, they will be punishable by an infraction.

(7)    Due to the class limiter, we sometimes run into a situation where the game forces a player out of a class they were playing.  This process sometimes allows the player to play as a mix-up between 2 classes - having the health, speed, and appearance of one class, while having the weapons of another class.   This is always generally noticable when it happens, and we ask that players change class again, or type 'kill' in console to kill themselves to fix the problem.   Continuing to play in this condition is punishable by an infraction.

(8)    In addition to 3.1.4(3,4);  Authority figures reserve the right to mute / silence anyone for any reason.  The reason for keeping this open, is so that admins can mute the entire server to make announcments.  Usually admins will only mute people who are spamming voice chat.

Section 4:  Clan Membership

4.1.1       General

(1)    Players should be aware that the Fast Lane Crew is an exclusive clan.  We view ourselves as a family of sorts.  To be accepted, is to earn a place within that family.  Like all familys, FLC is not perfect, but we do get along quite well.  To encourage social acceptance, new potential clan members are observed for often several months before being accepted.  It is important that new members meld seemlessly into the family.  This is why our application process is lenghty and through.

(2)    New or Potential FLC members must earn their respect within the family.  FLC however does encourage open viewpoints, so long as they do not clash with our mission statement.

(3)    Senior FLC members have a say over new or potential FLC members.   If a current FLC members personality clashes with a potential or new FLC member, we may deny the newer member, membership in order to limit any possibility of drama in the future.

4.1.2        Family Views

(1)    The Fastlane Crew is not concerned about player skill, so much as we are concerned about their personality.  A positive, friendly humble personality will go a long way and will likely get you accepted to the clan - even if you absolutely suck as a player.  So long as you have fun, and can admitt your own mistakes, you are likely clan material.

(2)    The laid back and casual views of the clan often equate to the clan being very easy going.  As such, serious playstyles generally do not meld with us.

(3)    The Fastlane Crew does not 'scrim' or have competetions with other clans.  We are not here to test or match our skills.   We are here to have fun and enjoy the game, and eachothers company.

Sub-Section 4.2:  The [FL] Group

4.2.1       Tag Usage

(1)    The [FL] tag appended onto a players name, indicates that he/she has applied activly on the clans forums in the Membership section.  This is located at the following link:

(2)    After filling out an application, you shall place the [FL] tag on your name.

(3)    Location of the tag is not important.

4.2.2        Fastlane Crew (Public) Steam Group

(1)    Once an application has been filled out on the forums, you may be invited to the Fastlane Crew (Public) group.  This group is a Steam community group which was set up originally to act as a public group for people waiting to get into FLC.   It is no longer public however, and an Officer will invite you into this group after you have filled out an application on the forums.

(2)    Membership within this group is important, as it serves as our active list for people waiting to get into the clan.  The [FL] tag is not enough.  If an officer has forgotten to invite you to the group, please feel free to contact an FLC Admin, to request an invite to the Public group.

(3)    Within the [FL] group, you should seriously consider following the same rules that we apply to the Fastlane Crew clan.  Consider this your initial probation, and anything you do while wearing the [FL] tag, will be considered in your progression towards becoming a member of [FLC].

(4)    Upon denial or acceptance into [FLC] (or [FLCp]) you will be removed from the Fastlane Crew (Public) group, and asked to remove the [FL] tag.

(5)    Upon denial of your application to get into the clan, you will be removed from this group and you will be required to remove the [FL] tag.   You may however join the Flying Circus group, which is a fan club for our servers.  Upon joining that group, you may add the [FC] tag.

4.2.3       Notice of Admins

(1)    In order to get noticed by the Admins, you should ensure you have added as many as possible to your Steam friends list.  This way they will be more likely to notice you when you are online.

(2)    Admins are the ones who choose if you proceed onto the next stage of the application process.  You should not be a stranger to them, and ensure they know you.  People who we do not know well enough, we will likely hold off on.

Sub-Section 4.3:   The [FC] Group

4.3.1       General

(1)    The [FC] Group is a group designed to act as a fan club for our servers.

(2)    Anyone may join.

(3)    The tag is optional.

(4)    This group has no real rules in regards to behaviour which you have to follow to maintain membership within it.

(5)    This group is entitled Flying Circus and can be found here:

Sub-Section 4.4:   The [FLCp] Group

4.4.1       FLC Probationary

(1)    The [FLCp] tag is actually a probationary tag which is applied to new members of [FLC].  This probationary period takes place after acceptance into FLC.

(2)    A member wearing an [FLCp] tag is technically part of [FLC] and must follow our rules to the letter during his/her probationary period.

(3)    Members in the probationary stage are to be invited directly to the real Fastlane Crew group.

(4)    Current [FLC] members who are placed on probation for breaking the rules, will be considered as probationary members until their probation time is up.

(5)    In addition to 4.4.1(4);   Current [FLC] members who are on probation, shall not wear the [FLCp] tag.  We as the admins prefer to keep any issues with members between the admins, and the members in question.  We have no desire to point or single anyone out.

4.4.2       Acceptance or Denial

(1)    If probation is broken during their set probation time, the member may be removed completely from the clan, and asked to remove the tags.

(2)    If a member ends up not fitting into the group well, or is causing drama, he/she may be removed prior to their probation period ending.

(3)    Full acceptance into [FLC] allows members to remove the [FLCp] tag.

(4)    An FLCp member may vouch for other applicants, and participate in Clan only events, meetings, and in the clan only section of the forums.

4.4.3       Time

(1)    The time spent in probation is based on the initial time set for your probation (if any), and how active or inactive you are during the probation time.

(2)    Probation may be extended by Admins.

Sub-Section 4-5:   The Fastlane Crew Clan [FLC]

4.5.1    Requirements

(1)    Members of FLC must be able to Communicate, Cooperate and Coordinate together.

(2)   All members are expected to act in a mature manner.  18 years of age is our minimum age limit.

(3)    Exception to 4.5.1(2);   Current members who are under the age of 18 are grandfathered in.

(4)    Exception to 4.5.1(2);   Family members of current FLC members are exempt from this ruling.

(5)    Members must have Team Fortress 2.

(6)    Members must have a microphone, and use it occassionally in game.

(7)    Members should be open minded, and respect others.

(8)    Members should be friendly and supportive of their fellow players.

(9)   Exception to 4.5.1(5,6);   Members of FLC prior to January 1st, 2010 are exempt from this ruling.

4.5.2       FLC Specific Items

(1)    The [FLC] tag is completely optional.  Clan members are not required to wear the tag, nor are they limited from wearing other tags.

(2)    [FLC] members are prohibited from visiting achievement_idle servers, or similar servers which un-naturally assist with achievements, or with obtaining items.  This is considered a misdemeanor.

(3)    [FLC] members are prohibited from using scripts, cheats, aimbots, or any 3rd party program which gives an unfair advantage to the player.  This is considered a felony.

(4)    Exception to 4.5.2(3);  TF2 Stats program for G15 and G19 Logitech keyboards is exempt from this article - and is considered safe.

(5)    (FLC) tags are to be worn only by server moderators.  Members who display the tag and are not server moderators are considered to be impersonating.  This is considered an infraction.

(6)    {FLC} tags are to be worn only by clan administrators.  Members who display the tag and are not clan administrators are considered to be impersonating.  This is considered a misdemeanor.

(7)    [FLC] members who are found to be on other (non clan) servers, causing problems, are considered to be guilty of a misdemeanor assuming the server admin (or moderator) from the server in question is willing to testify his case.

4.5.3       Meetings

(1)    The Clan Administrators have meetings starting at 8pm Central time.  These meetings take place on the 1st and 15th of every month, unless otherwise noted.  These meetings are reserved for ADMINS only, and are held on our second server.  These meetings are for discussing issues within the clan, and new membership, etc...

(2)    Server Administration meetings are held at 9pm Central time, directly after the Clan Administrators meeting.  The Server Moderators are allowed to attend this meeting.  This meeting discusses current issues on our servers.

(3)    All attendiees of a meeting have the right to vote on issues discussed at that meeting.

(4)    The entire clan has a monthly meeting.  These meetings take place on the 2nd sunday of every month, unless otherwise changed at a piror meeting.  The time these meetings take place is set at 3 PM Central time.

(5)    [FLCp] members are required to attend all clan meetings.

(6)    [FLC] members must attend at least one meeting every 6 months.

Section 5:  Behavior

5.2Chat Behaviour

5.3 gameplay behaviour

Section 6:  Legalities

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