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Okay, so this ad kept on appearing on my webpage.   So I was like WTF, I will give it a try. It is basically a web based ActiveX app, which you build a small city, and supply resources.  You upgrade buildings and send troops out for various map plots to conquer. At the start you get 7 days of beginner protection. And that was fun.  I got to learn the game. Right off the bat however, I noticed that while it claims to be free, you are highly encouraged to pay. There are a few forms of currency in the game.  There is gold, which is used to buy stuff for your city.  And there is 'cents' which you use to purchase things to help you.  In order to speak in chat,and even ask questions you need to purchase a 'speaker'.  You are gifted one off the bat, but it will run out quickly.  Then you are stuck without the ability to chat.  'cents' can be purchased with real money. But I went without purchasing anything and just kept playing.   Eventually my Beginner protection was over and within 2 hours of my protection being over, there was a VERY high level player who teleported his city next to mine without any warning, and he stole all my resources and completely destroyed my city while I was offline.  I did have defenses...  but he just kept throwing armies and armies at my city  and eventually completely destroyed me. Fun?  I think not.   I am thankful that I did not spend any money on the game.   I do not plan to return.

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