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I am looking back on an event which happened a couple months ago. Specifically I am noticing that this event has changed several people - and all because someone had sand in their vagina. Earlier this year I stepped down as the Server Admin for FLC (Fast Lane Crew). My reasons were simply due to a lack of time, and a general lack of interest added with the fact that I did not feel that the FLC administration really cared about their clan (gaming clan). The break from gaming was nice, and I began to enjoy outdoor activities again. But then in early May I was approached by shack, one of the few remaining FLC Admins and advised that FLC was dropping responsibility for the server, and they wanted to hand it to me to manage, while maintaining the server as a friendly place for FLC to gather - but administering the server separately. I was vastly unprepared for this, but within a week I had a new website set up, and a new chain of command for moderators and admins to help run the server. Due to this new structure, people (some of which were not in FLC, but were part of our command tree for the server) wanted a common group to call home. FLC has always been a casual clan, allowing its members the freedom of choosing what tag to wear and being a part of multipul clans, so I did not hesitate to modify an existing clan to suit our needs, and turn it into the clan of the server (TFC). The plan was for FLC/TFC to live on the server peacefully. Positions were even offered within TFC for FLC admins to join so that they could have some input as to what goes on on the server. Granted perhaps the whole new clan thing took this plan a little further then it was originally planned, but it was a required step in progress. Well a month into this project, all was going well. FLC and TFC people were co-operating and the server was doing very well. Much progress was being made. When along comes an ex-FLC admin who had resigned himself several months earlier... and had not been around much. Well apparently he took offence to the servers being handed to me, and my creation of an (already existing) clan to help run the server (nevermind that the server is registered with my credit card info and such...). Needless to say this person gets sand in his vagina, and begins to cry like a little bitch that I am trying to poach members from FLC... He also states that any FLC member caught being a part of TFC was to be removed from FLC. Well didn't this just stir shit up all of the sudden. I would like to know where shack was in all of this, as he was very silent. But apparently Kyuzo, FLC's main admin who is never around, 'verified' the claims that I was apparently supposed to shut the server down completely. But this is not what I was told, nor was it what I agreed too in a meeting which happened long before this whole situation took place in which I suggested myself taking over the servers and running them as a separate entity with FLC being the regular clan on the server and able to have some input. Regardless... Looking at what has happened with both clans now; FLC is pretty much dead. Many FLC members no longer tag as FLC. TFC is kinda struggling, and the server is empty much of the time. Many friends who used to play together no longer play together. So good job Windtalker. Not only did you make a complete ass out of yourself, but you also ruined the gaming friendships of about 40 other people. This isn't about FLC or TFC or any silly clans.... This is about a community which was torn apart by your childish shitfit. /rant Note: I am overtired. I normally don't pick on past issues like this... But a quick look at my steam friends list shows me a shattered community which we all used to be part of.

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