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Don't Starve


Don't Starve is a great little indie game which I recently found on Steam.  It is developed by Klie Entertainment and was officially released in April of 2013.  It is continually being updated adding more features and content supposedly.

Basically this is an open world survival game, a-kin to Minecraft.  The biggest difference is that you only really have one life in this game - and it is a lot more difficult.  Let's face it tho, Minecraft is pretty easy.  Don't Starve is a game which focuses on building items to help you advance through the open ended world.


The game starts off with your character laying, presumably unconscious, next to a man who is telling you you don't look well.  He vanishes, and you wake up.  It is time to start gathering!  Gather and explore as much as you can until dusk comes.  Be sure to avoid threats, especially the tallbird like creatures on long legs.  They are quick and will take you out easily.  I also like to avoid picking the flowers.  Sometimes however I will pick 12 flowers n order to make the flower hat to improve sanity, but usually I leave the flowers and only pick them when I need to improve my sanity or if I am starving.

When dusk comes make an Axe and chop down some larger evergreen trees.  This will provide you with some wood with which you can make a camp fire.  Be sure to add wood to the fire overnight, so the fire doesn't die out.  When it gets really dark, be sure to stay within the circle of light created by the fire.  If the fire gets too small, or if you venture out into the darkness, you can be killed in 2 hits.


Alright, so you survived your first night.  Hopefully you survive many more to come.  Once you find a gold nugget you can make a science machine which will enable you to research and create different things.  You should eventually pick a good spot for a base and set up your machines there.  You can make farming plots and chests and even wall your base off from the world.  There is much to learn, and this post isn't really a walk through.

The game is fun and addicting.  The simple old style art is cozy and fun.  As the game progresses some aspects get easier, while some aspects get harder.  The toughest part is dealing with food.  A few things are limited in the world.  Such items are Mandrakes, Stones, and Gems.  Carrots also will not grow back once you pick them, so use them wisely.  You can however grow carrots as crops.

In some aspects, Don't Starve is what is missing from Minecraft; the challenge aspect.  In other aspects, it is unique on its own.  I hate really comparing it to Minecraft, but Minecraft is a game of a similar genre which a lot of people are familiar with.  I would also suggest that Don't Starve has a better adventure mode and a more interesting 'ending'.  But I won't spoil anything...

Go buy it and enjoy it!  (this is not a paid recommendation)

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