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The digital frontier. A realm of information, and fantasy. A world which can have real serious implications, or be as far fetched as the most impossible things imaginable. Many have attempted to explain, or even visualize the digital frontier. I will not attempt to do so. The digital frontier is something that I believe is unique for everyone. The one thing that I find a lot of people fail to realize is that the digital frontier is only a temporary world. It is not tangible, it is not something that will remain in existence beyond the realm of our society. But what it is, is often an escape for many people. An escape that allows them some form of freedom, to exist how they imagine themselves existing, or express themselves in a manner that they otherwise wouldn't be able to. This website is part of my digital footprint. The content here represents many hundreds of hours of work, and is derived from stories spanning my whole life. While many of the stories represent real life events, others depict fictional stories, or fantasy, which originated in the digital realm. When I die, and stop paying for my website hosting, all of this will likely vanish from the internet. So that begs the question, if this even exists at all? My online escape tends to occur in video games. Computer Gaming is a huge past-time of mine. While some people flop down on the couch and enjoy Television or Netflix, I tend to enjoy interacting with my entertainment. From time to time, I have also engaged in Text Based Role-Playing. Role-Playing is a form of writing a story, which is interactive, with another author who is playing the part of another character. How realistic it is, can depend on the skills and wishes of the people involved. The links below will take you to a portal page for each topic. The portal pages will list various stories and posts which are relevant to the topic at hand.
Role-Play and Online Fantasy
Computer Gaming

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